Verstappen fans rejoice, Austrian GP with spectators?

Could the world crisis with Covid 19 be moving ahead more positively in Europe faster than expected? Certainly Red Bull’s Helmut Marko thinks so with plans for the first Formula 1 race of 2020 in Austria’s Red Bull Ring.

On Sunday, Helmut Marko spoke about this to one of Austria’s largest media and news groups, The ORF.

On July 5th, the new season’s start will take place on the Red Bull home track in Spielberg. And Marko explains that with regard to the Corona restrictions there is currently “so much going on” that he at least no longer wants to completely rule out a race with spectators in Austria.



“This closed race event came from the early days [of the corona crisis], when […] the risk of infection was much greater,” says Marko.

“The opening of the border came relatively quickly. Let’s wait and see what else can happen”,

Marko is mentioning the quick opening of the borders around Europe, and in particular those between Germany and Austria. A breaking news story TJ13 reported on last week (READ THAT STORY HERE) revealed plans to open further borders in Europe next month were pushing forward.

Swiss Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter held talks last week with her counterparts from Germany, Austria and France. If the number of infections in these countries falls, further freedom of travel is to be restored.

It is expected that all borders in and out of Austria will be fully open in the following month of July during the Grand Prix doubleheader week.


The opening of the borders in and around Europe with the marginal possibility of a race with spectators at the Red Bull Ring would no doubt fill the Max Verstappen Orange army with much happiness.

“There were 30,000 Dutchmen. Of course, this is also a very, very big factor economically,” explains Marko. But there are still some hurdles.

Marko also makes it clear that the Grand Prix is “currently” only being applied for as a closed race under the organisers current safety protocols that Red Bull presented to the Austrian Ministry of Health last week, specifically on holding a race without an audience at the track.

Much will obviously depend on how the Corona pandemic develops in Austria and throughout Europe in the coming month.




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