Ex Ferrari & current Pirelli boss, fighting Corona

While the planet is being ravaged by the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, gestures to fight against this disease are growing in number, including Formula 1 associated individuals.

Some are making donations, others are raising funds through various initiatives such as network concerts and there are those who are facing the virus on the front line like Maurizio Arrivabene.


The former boss of the Scuderia decided to join the fight against this disease. As the Italian daily newspaper Il Resto del Carlino reported, Maurizio Arrivabene now drives ambulances as a service to transalpine health workers.

“True to his feigned style of a grumpy, but big-hearted man, Arrivabene preferred not to tell anyone. However, since the beginning of the storm, he has made himself available to drive the ambulances and take the elderly to hospitals. In short, he has become a driver! ” writes journalist Leo Turrini.

Fellow Italian and Pirelli’s F1 director Mario Isola joined Arrivabene at the start of the outbreak in Italy as a volunteer ambulance driver, a job he did as a young adult many years ago.

Unemployed with Pirelli while waiting for the F1 season to restart, the Italian has again signed up as a volunteer ambulance driver.

“As volunteer ambulance drivers we sometimes have to take risks because people can be very aggressive,” Isola explained. “It’s risky, and it often is. My girlfriend’s not very happy, but I do it because I have to.”

“The hardest thing is the mental aspect. You’re not allowed to bring relatives of coronavirus patients, and it’s forbidden. However, people realize this may be the last time they see their loved ones, and it’s very difficult.”



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