Vettel rejects Ferrari deal, Scuderia contact Ricciardo & Sainz

Vettel has not accepted Ferrari’s first offer to renew with them, which would be a one-year contract with a significantly lower salary than he has received with the Scuderia so far.

Sebastian Vettel has rejected Ferrari’s first offer, which consisted of a new one-year contract for which he would receive less money than he currently receives, according to the Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.


A month ago Sky Italia said that the first offer was a downgrade in salary and for one year only. Further, the paper now claims a refusal by the four-time champion.

Ferrari wants to keep Vettel, but under certain conditions. As a result of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, the Scuderia would only be willing to offer him 12 million euros, which is what it also pays Charles Leclerc. The team still insists the four-time champion accepts a renewal of only one year.

This contrasts with the 27 million euros he currently earns every year and does not match the wishes of Vettel, who is looking for a contract of at least two years, according to information coming from Italy.

Sources at La Gazzetta dello Sport doubt that the Scuderia will make Sebastian a better offer. At the same time, Ferrari also talks to Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Further, Ferrari’s leadership sees the six-time champion Lewis Hamilton, who is only three years older than Vettel, too old to take a seat in the Scuderia.


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