Ricciardo: Returning to Red Bull

Renault, Ricciardo: “Back to Red Bull? Never say never” – The Australian driver, with his contract with the Renault F1 team expiring, has not cast any firm conditions on his future within the Formula 1 circus.

Speaking via the internet from his home in Perth, Daniel said: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that nothing can be ruled out.”


The multiple race winner certain will see his options at racing again for a top 3 team to be somewhat limited. No doubt the Australian is starting to become rather skeptical that Renault will be a Championship winning team again in the near future.

“Did I ever think I would race Red Bull? No. Go back there one day? Actually, it has not been asked, but as said I do not rule out anything so never say never”.

Daniel Ricciardo, speaking at Sky Sports F1 Vodcast has kept all doors open with regard to its future.


The Renault driver is one of the three top drivers, along with Hamilton and Vettel, to have the contract expiring. The Australian left the paddock puzzled when, last year, he abandoned Red Bull to join the French works Renault team. Ricciardo, however, did not set limits because the results with the French team were not up to expectations.

The suspension of the Formula 1 World Championship has also blocked the negotiations for the renewal of the contract:

“It is difficult at the moment to have talks about this because we are at a deadlock. Normally you start talking about these things after the races, depending on the results. Honestly there isn’t much to talk about now”.

Regardless of his future, however, Ricciardo remains firmly convinced that he can return to the levels of Red Bull:

“What I have done in the past, I am sure I can do it again.”

What better advert for Ferrari or Mercedes?



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  1. I don’t know why everyone was so puzzled about him leaving Redbull for Renault, I can think of 40 million reasons straight away!!

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