Spanish GP reveals details of F1 season rescue plan

Spain says it is ready to organise one or more Formula 1 races this year in order to rescue the 2020 F1 Championship – And it appears there have been some advanced talks between Formula 1 and the Circuit de Catalunya.

The Spanish Grand Prix hosted by the Barcellona circuit is one of nine races already postponed in F1 this year due to the health crisis, but the Catalan track director says he is ready to organise one or more races behind closed doors this year.


“We have discussed several scenarios with F1. One is that the season starts before the summer, the other would be that the season starts in September.” reveals the Barcelona circuit director in an interview with

“We were asked if the season would start before the summer if we were ready to organise a Grand Prix behind closed doors.

“We said yes, as long as it allows us to have a championship this year, which would allow us to go into the 2021 championship in a stronger way than if we didn’t have a race in 2020.

“If a race has no spectators, the promoter’s income disappears. This means that the existing contract format would then no longer be valid, as the conditions would be different.

“We haven’t gone into details yet, because we don’t know how it’s going to happen. But from the moment you consider a Grand Prix behind closed doors, the conditions should obviously be different.”


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The director of the Barcelona circuit explains that the need to renegotiate the contract is based on the fact that the economic performance of the circuit and Catalonia in general would change completely with a race behind closed doors.

“It’s not just about ticket sales. It should be remembered that a Grand Prix is attended by an average of 100,000 spectators, plus the whole F1 circus. This has an impact on the local economy, and when a government invests – as in the case of La Generalitat de Catalunya – not having all these people has an economic impact. ”


Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc open to closed F1 races if it allows starting the season. Currently, the best chance for any F1 Grand Prix would be without spectators, ensuring that the 2020 season can start safely, Charles Leclerc thinks that it is the best solution to keep everyone safe.

“It will be very, very different of course. I think that in a situation like this, the safety and health of everyone comes first. ” Said Charles Leclerc to the BBC.

“So whatever we can do to start the season as soon as possible but in a safe way, I think it will be better, even if the spectators are not there. ”

“But as a driver, you obviously feel the support. Last year in Monza, going there, being in Italy, driving for Ferrari, we could certainly feel the support and I think it helped us win the race there, and it was a very special weekend . ”

“I think that for any driver, seeing the fans who support you in the gallery is special, but unfortunately with the current situation, this might not be possible at first. We will probably have to start [the season] like this. ”




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