Ferrari plant restarts manufacturing, but not as we know it

Ferrari began producing breathing valves and fittings for protective masks at its Maranello plant – An area used to dealing with Formula 1 technology and supercars, now has been repurposed for a greater cause.

The department where prototype cars are usually built is now reserved for the production of these thermoplastic components. The technicians use 3D printing technology.


Some valves have been developed by the company Mares, a manufacturer of diving equipment, to fit their masks to create emergency masks to help patients suffering from respiratory failure.

The logistics of the project were handled by Nuovamacut Gruppo TeamSystem, which also helped in the search for the various companies that contributed to the success of the project.

Other accessories are being supplied to Solid Energy, who will use them to convert Decathlon diving masks to protect healthcare professionals exposed to infections.

Over the next few days, Ferrari also plans to manufacture several hundred pieces of equipment that are already being distributed by some of the companies involved, with the coordination of the Italian Civil Protection, to various Italian hospitals, including those in Bergamo, Genoa, Modena and Sassuolo, as well as to health workers in the city of Medicina, near Bologna.


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