Pirelli F1 boss stops working & joins paramedics

Pirelli’s F1 director Mario Isola has a background as a volunteer ambulance driver, a job he did as a young adult.

Unemployed with Pirelli while waiting for the F1 season to restart, the Italian has again signed up as a volunteer ambulance driver.


“As volunteer ambulance drivers we sometimes have to take risks because people can be very aggressive,” Isola explained. “It’s risky, and it often is. My girlfriend’s not very happy, but I do it because I have to.”

He admits, however, that his morale is strained during his long working hours, especially because the coronavirus health crisis is causing very complicated situations.

“The hardest thing is the mental aspect. You’re not allowed to bring relatives of coronavirus patients, and it’s forbidden. However, people realize this may be the last time they see their loved ones, and it’s very difficult.”



Gossip: Briatore suggests Brawn’s plan is not to race outside of Europe in 2020

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A hypothesis not too far from reality could be to compete in Grand Prix only on European soil, thus avoiding long and dangerous journeys for all the staff involved in the F1 Circus.


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