Gossip: Briatore suggests Brawn’s plan is not to race outside of Europe in 2020

As the Coronavirus emergency gradually evolves around the world, Formula 1 continues to work to see if and how it will start with the 2020 World Championship.

A hypothesis not too far from reality could be to compete in Grand Prix only on European soil, thus avoiding long and dangerous journeys for all the staff involved in the F1 Circus.


After the first rumours in the Dutch media, Flavio Briatore also confirmed this in an interview with Italy’s Corriere dello Sport:

“I spoke to Ross Brawn, they think they will start in July, or August, and only race in Europe without travelling far away.” confirmed Briatore.

Chase Carey, the head of Liberty Media, opened up to the microphones of Sky Sports UK:

“Travelling will be one of the big problems. Our vision is a start in Europe without spectators on the circuit. We could have a closed environment, where teams come in on a charter, take them to the circuit, swab them and make sure there is no risk to anyone.”


The FIA’s president Jean Todt, thinks that an 18-race season can be achieved by holding three events a month.

“Once we know we can start, I think we could really see two-to-three Grands Prix a month,

“If we start in July/August and go to December, we have six months, from five to six months, multiplied by three and it gives you one option.” Todt told Autosport.

“But don’t forget we may face situations where one organiser can host the event safely but eventually feels: ‘I don’t want. I don’t feel in the mood to host the event”, he added.

“So ultimately this kind of situation may occur. An event is a celebration, and it’s what I mentioned earlier: we may be in a situation where everything is put together to do it but there is no real feeling to celebrate.”


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