Austrian GP: F1 season start jeopardy due to goverment disagreement

At present, the Austrian Grand Prix is one of the most likely to be used as a start to the Formula 1 season for the time being.

The country has suspended all sporting events there until 30th of June because of the coronavirus, but the hope for some in the Austrian government is to relaunch the F1 season at Spielberg in July.


If the suspension were to be lifted, the aim would be to hold one or two races on the Red Bull Ring during the first weekend of July. Certainly, the Austrian sports minister is optimistic.

“Apart from the fact that I am not responsible, I think a Grand Prix is possible. The organisers need to know that they have to comply with all health and safety regulations, and that this is an option,” said Werner Kogler.

However, the Austrian Chancellor expressed reservations about ending the containment, or at least resuming events in his country after Covid-19’s peak period.

“There will be no events in Austria until the end of June, and probably not even during the summer,” said Sebastian Kurz. “We will take a decision at the end of April. Weddings are also included.”


For Formula 1 management’s Ross Brawn, the aim is to see the 2020 season start in Europe in July with the possibility of holding races behind closed doors. Obviously this could include Austria.

“Our view is probably that a good start [to the season] in Europe will be good and it could even be a closed event. We could have a very closed environment, where the teams come in with charters, we’d take them out on the track, we’d make sure everyone is tested and cleared so there’s no risk to anyone. ” said Ross Brawn.

“To have a race without spectators. It’s not great, but it’s better than no race at all. We have to remember that there are millions of people who follow the sport at home.”



Gossip: Briatore suggests Brawn’s plan is not to race outside of Europe in 2020

As the Coronavirus emergency gradually evolves around the world, Formula 1 continues to work to see if and how it will start with the 2020 World Championship.

A hypothesis not too far from reality could be to compete in Grand Prix only on European soil, thus avoiding long and dangerous journeys for all the staff involved in the F1 Circus.


After the first rumours in the Dutch media, Flavio Briatore also confirmed this in an interview with…… READ MORE ON THIS STORY



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