Extraordinary measures taken by FIA to rescue F1 amid Corona Virus

In the midst of a Coronavirus emergency, the World Motor Sport Council is trying to enact rules that can counteract the negative effects of the world crisis on the Formula 1 World Championship.

It is looking very possible that what is left of the Formula 1 season could be cut down to just 11 races, a ‘sprint’ season if you will.

Attempts will be made to streamline and speed up any decisions to be taken in the event of sudden changes to the current situation. To facilitate this, it has been decided that the President of the FIA, thanks to a special dispensation, can make autonomous decisions regarding the organization of the competitions of the 2020 season after consulting the offices of the Secretary General and Presidents of the Commission within the FIA.


The primary purpose of the decisions taken is obviously to preserve as much as possible the costs and commercial value of the F1 Championship.

Among the other key rulings, there is also the possibility to change some articles of the regulations, obtaining as little as 60% of the consensus among the teams and even to change the calendar with the agreement of FIA and Liberty without passing through the online vote.

Further, it is likely we’ll see season restrictions on engine components per driver:

2 thermal engines (ICE), 2 MGU-H units, 2 turbochargers (TC), 1 battery pack (ES), 2 CE components and 2 MGU-K units for a calendar from a maximum of 14 GPs to a minimum of 11 GPs. In the case of a world championship with as few as 11 GPs or less, each rider will use only 2 thermal engines (ICE), 2 MGU-H units, 2 turbochargers (TC), 1 battery pack (ES), 1 CE component and 2 MGU-K units.

The new technical regulation will be postponed to 2022, chassis maintenance in 2020 to 2021 and the aerodynamic study of prototypes in 2022 will be completely stopped.



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