Reasons: Ferrari push for season completion & April’s restart car production

The Formula 1 season failed to start because of the coronavirus crisis. It could be back in June with a new scenario that has been raised by Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto.

The coronavirus crisis has caused the cancellation of two Grand Prix (Australia and Monaco). The twenty remaining Grand Prix are for the moment scheduled to continue, but it will be necessary to find dates to accommodate those that have been postponed.


At the moment, the first race envisaged would take place on June the 14th in Montreal. Mattia Binnotto, Ferrari’s principal, explained that decisions are being made and an emergency solution is being discussed.

Certainly, TJ13 believes that Ferrari fears any further delays to the start of the 2020 Formula 1 season. The reason why is explained at the end of the article.

“The teams are in discussions with F1 and the FIA and there are several hypotheses on the table and each one is being studied at the moment.

“A reduced [2020] world championship or the assumption that the 2020 championship ends, for example, in January 2021 are some of those options, but for the moment we have to be open to all the assumptions to try and do as many Grand Prix as possible. ” Mattia Binotto explains.


In the meantime, Ferrari’s factory closure as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak has been possibly set to be reversed with a reopening in early April. An extraordinary statement admit an ongoing crisis with an extreme death toll in Italy.

Ferrari plan to restart car production on April 14th if the supply chain can support the Maranello and Modena factories.

The press release that Ferrari published last week ends with “creating value for all stakeholders beyond near-term uncertainties,” revealing the fact that those in charge at the highest level are feeling the pressure already as quarterly and yearly financial projections go down the toilet day by day.

For sure the move to reopen has been put forward to attempt to preserve the revenue for both the F1 team and the road car division. With the Formula 1 season failing to start in 2020 for an unknown amount of time, TV revenue will of course be slashed.

This factor combined with very few road car sales will seriously handicap not only Ferrari’s racing budget, but the entire brands budget going forward.




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