New Statement: Deadline set as British GP next to be chopped

A decision on a possible postponement of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix could be taken by the end of April.

While Formula One bosses are working on a new 2020 calendar after the first eight races have been postponed, some races such as the British Grand Prix could be postponed in the future.

Vettel crashes into Verstappen near Abbey at the 2019 British Grand Prix


The Silverstone circuit manager said the decision on whether the British Grand Prix can be held as scheduled on July 19 should be made at least 12 weeks in advance, by the end of April.

“This decision is not just up to us. We won’t do anything without the agreement of Formula One and its challenges in changing an international calendar.” said Stuart Pringle, Silverstone circuit manager “It’s not just up to us.”

“We’re trying to find the right answer, but 12 weeks is the deadline to get things ready. ”


This week the UK Automobile Club took the decision to cancel all motor racing until June 30th, while the famous Goodwood Speed Festival scheduled just one week before the British F1 GP has also been postponed.

With the season appearing to unravel as each Grand Prix is either confirmed cancelled or postponed, former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone calls on the season to be scrapped altogether. 


“What would I do? I think I’d have to say we’re going to close down talk of having any races this year,” he said in an exclusive interview this week with the Reuters news agency.

“It’s the only thing you could do safely for everybody, so that nobody starts making silly arrangements which may not be able to happen,” he said. “It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.”


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