Former F1 boss with Corona

The Italian Flavio Briatore thinks he was infected by covid-19 earlier this year, after having developed all the symptoms of this disease.

The former head of the Renault F1 team revealed in a recent interview that he may have been infected with covid-19 earlier this year as the epidemic began to affect Italy.

“I was ill in December. I had a very high fever, lung pain and difficulty breathing.” said Flavio Briatore on Italian television.


Flavio Briatore

“It lasted a total of 10 days. My doctor and I couldn’t understand what was happening. I took X-rays and a CT scan and we could see shadows on the lungs. »

“After the virus broke out in Italy, my doctor told me I must have coronavirus, but luckily it’s gone away now. »

Flavio Briatore believes that the leaders of the various countries have largely underestimated this epidemic, despite the first alerts sent by the World Health Organisation in early January.

“Everyone really underestimated this virus. Nobody took it seriously. The WHO (World Health Organization) told everyone in January to be prepared, but no one did. It was a mistake on the part of the various governments. ”


WHO claimed today that Italy’s coronavirus epidemic may peak this week.

”The slowing in the pace of growth is an extremely positive factor, and in some regions I believe we are close to the drop-off point of the curve, therefore the peak may be reached this week and then fall away,” WHO deputy director Ranieri Guerra told Radio Capital.

”I believe that this week and the first days of the next will be decisive because they will be moments in which the government’s measures of 15-20 days ago should find an effect”, he said, referring to a nationwide lockdown on movements.



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