“Lewis is good, but then he has the best everything”

With 84 victories, 88 poles and six world titles, Lewis Hamilton could soon erase Michael Schumacher from the record books, something that was unthinkable just a handful of years ago.

The Mercedes driver is on his way to becoming one of the greatest drivers of all time, but how can we judge him against different drivers of other generations? So when asked which driver he could place even higher than Lewis Hamilton, Bernie Ecclestone, who knows the history of F1 so well, doesn’t hesitate for a second…


“Alain Prost,” he says.

“He never got a lot of support from the team. They didn’t get all that [much] help from the pit wall, either. The lights went out and he was on his own. He had to look after the tyres on his own, the brakes too, and he was bloody quick.

“He nearly won two more championships. That would have been six but the figures are immaterial.”


“I’d also say Nelson [Piquet], who did well in a car that was OK. Stirling [Moss] you’d have to say yes to the top four. And [Juan Manuel] Fangio — he got the job done.

“Lewis is very good. Top four or five, or whatever, but it is hard to say this guy is better than so and so. Lewis has the best equipment and best team. The best everything.”


Certainly, Hamilton’s on track skill isn’t questioned, but TJ13 has in the past questioned the British driver’s behaviour off track. But one thing he did say today that made the world sit up and take notice was the condemnation of the public who decided to ignore the official government advice to remain indoors where possible in an effort to preserve the various national health services across the globe.

“In this period we have to help each other and not think of ourselves”, Lewis told on his social channels.

”There are people who still go to clubs, bars and big gatherings. Personally, I find that totally irresponsible and selfish.”


Lando onboard battle takes out competitor

Mass crash at the start, technical problems at Lando Norris and almost no Formula 1 drivers: The first official virtual Grand Prix has provided entertainment in the fight against boredom in times of the Corona pandemic, not surprisingly it was lacking in any seriousness or indeed many actual F1 drivers.

The race on the Bahrain track in the F1 2019 racing simulation served on Sunday as a replacement for the cancelled real Grand Prix.

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  1. You Absolutely Can Not Compare Drivers Of Different Generations.

    Remember When A Specific Driver Looked Fondly Around Everything In His Home Before Leaving To NUERBURGRING ?

    He Was Not Sure He Would Come Out Of The GREEN HELL In 1 Piece, Let Alone See His Home Again.

    Huge Balls Were A Lot Bigger, Back Then.


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