6 Grand Prix cancelled, season now starts at Monaco

After the latest changes in the calendar, Formula 1 could create room for catch-up races by cancelling the summer break in August.

Instead of 22 there will probably only be 17 Grand Prix races this season. The starting signal is to be given in Monte Carlo at the end of May.


“We’ll get ourselves several weekends where we can have a race,” Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn told TV station Sky in an interview. He said that this would allow the company to build a “decent calendar” for the rest of the year despite the coronavirus crisis. “He’ll look different, but he’ll get a decent number of races.”

Brawn is currently expecting at least 17 Grand Prix. Originally 22 races were planned for this year. “I think we can squeeze them in. But it depends on when the season will start,” said the 65-year-old. In this context, Formula One is also considering shortening Grand Prix events from three to two days and holding them on three consecutive weekends in August. “That could be an option,” Brawn said.


Monaco 1

“I think what we need from the teams this year is flexibility. They’ve got to give some scope to do these things because we are in very unusual circumstances and we’ve got to make sure we have a season that gives a good economic opportunity for the teams,

“We don’t put teams in too much hardship because we can’t have the races because somebody doesn’t want to do it three weekends on the trot,

“Because for sure we’re going to have a quiet start. I’m sure the teams will be flexible to allow us to fit those things in.”

Following the cancellations, the season is scheduled to start at the end of May. The Monaco Grand Prix is scheduled for 24 May. The summer break this season was actually scheduled between Hungary on August 2 and Belgium on August 30.


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