Leclerc explains how it will be for 2020

After a first season during which his team-mate’s relationship with Sebastian Vettel caused a stir, Charles Leclerc assures us that from now on everything is settled.

After a very serene existence with Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel has seen the arrival of a youngster who’s fired up, namely Charles Leclerc. And the Monegasque quickly showed that he wouldn’t let himself be sidelined on the track despite the status of his prestigious team-mate.


Ferrari began by giving instructions favouring the German before letting their drivers fight it out on the track at the end of the season, culminating in a collision in Brazil.

As a result, at the dawn of a new season, there are concerns about the agreement between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. However, the Monegasque is taking a reassuring view.

“Above all, there was Brazil, where it went very badly for both of us. I think we’ve grown up. We’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, of course, because there are a lot of people working behind us to make sure we get the best possible results.



“It is important that it does not happen again. But that does not mean that we are going to take it easy on each other. Let’s say we’re going to give each other more leeway. His work ethic is impressive. He pushes absolutely every detail.

“Seeing him work like that with Ferrari has pushed me to do the same, depending on how I feel about the car and the feedback I give to the engineers,” concludes the youngster.



Meanwhile, Leclerc’s thoughts turn to Melbourne and how the Scuderia will fare against the favourites, Mercedes.

“It is difficult at this point to see how the new car will be,

“Everyone would like to know it and I would too. This is not a comment for journalists, it is also a question mark for us. It’s difficult to know where we are,

“This year seems more difficult at least on paper, but we still haven’t got the proof,” said Leclerc. “We haven’t done the first race yet.

“It is really difficult to say where we are. All I can say is that we changed our approach for this year. This time we are focused on ourselves.

“And I can assure you that from the first day to now we have improved a lot. We have discovered that we have more flexibility in achieving the balance that the drivers like.

“This is an improvement on last year, when the range we had was very narrow.”


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  1. Interesting part: “ …pushed me to do the same, depending on how I feel about the car…”
    I think I know what will happen when the issues identified by the drivers differ.”
    Lets see whose issues will be solved

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