Data reveals the gaps between F1 teams for 2020

In trying to interpret the performance seen in winter testing by the 2020 Formula 1 teams, TJ13 will compare long runs in race simulations with identical tyres and fuel loads using data published by Auto Motor und Sport.

At least on paper, this is the most reliable way to draw a realistic enough picture of the performance in the field. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from testing has been the general competitiveness between the cars, indeed even Williams has closed up on the midfield having been by far the slowest car of the field in 2019. The team from Grove stopping just one tenth from Alfa Romeo and 1.7 seconds from Mercedes.


The midfield battle sees the various teams separated by just one tenth, thus anticipating a fight for top ten positions that will be even tighter.

The split is a little more defined in the top teams, with the Mercedes remaining the fastest, with a three-tenths advantage over Red Bull. The Austrian team’s margin over Ferrari is identical, thus confirming that they still have a lot of work to do if they want to fight for the win.

Perhaps the most intriguing, and certainly the most controversial situation is that of Racing Point. GPS confirms the competitiveness of the RP20, a clear clone of the 2019 World Championship winning Mercedes W10 which, with only two tenths of a gap, could represent a real headache for Ferrari.


Pos Team Gap
1. Mercedes  
2. Red Bull Racing +0.3s
3. Ferrari +0.6s
4. Racing Point +0.8s
5. McLaren +1.1s
6. Renault +1.2s
7. AlphaTauri +1.4s
8. Haas +1.5s
9. Alfa Romeo Racing +1.6s
10. Williams +1.7s



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