Bottas admission about controversial Mercedes DAS system

Valtteri Bottas draws a positive conclusion about the new Mercedes DAS system after the two weeks of testing in Barcelona.

The system works well and does not feel strange for the driver after a few days in the car. He can now use it quite naturally, “without thinking about it too much”. Nevertheless Bottas points out that the system is still in its infancy.


That’s why there are currently several question marks with regard to DAS and how best to use it. 

“With all the simulations and data, we can, of course, calculate how best to use it in theory,” Bottas reveals, “But it also depends on the driver,”

Although the tests have already taught us a lot about the new system in real use, it seems that the learning phase is far from over.

“There are some guidelines [for the drivers], but we have to explore it ourselves and find out how best to use it,” says the Finn

“So far we haven’t found any real problems. It’s working well, 

“Of course I heard that the other teams were a bit surprised. Some were also not sure whether it was legal or not. But so far everything is good. It’s really cool that we were able to develop the system before all the other teams. It shows once again the strength of the team.

“We will see if other teams can do it fast enough this season. But we’re happy and hope it gives us an advantage,” said Bottas.


But it remains to be seen how large this advantage will be. The Finn hopes that this will turn out to be more than just “a thing you play around with in the car”. It should actually make the W11 faster. That’s why they want to use the new system right at the season opener in Melbourne.

“We see no reason why we shouldn’t use it,” said Bottas.

Should it actually bring an advantage, it could also affect the team’s internal fight between Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. Namely, if one of the two Mercedes drivers finds a way to use the system better than the other.


“We both try to get the maximum out of it,” Bottas confirms.

However, it is unlikely that either of the two could gain a lasting advantage from the system.

“We share all the information, all the knowledge and all the data,” says Bottas.

Whether this is truly the case, remains to be seen.


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