Alonso, a return to F1 in 2021, without Ferrari

Fernando Alonso confirmed on Tuesday that he wants to return to Formula One from the 2021 season, a decision Spaniard says he’ll will have to make during the F1 summer break.

The two-time Formula One World Champion has always said he was not bidding farewell to the pinnacle of motorsport when he announced he was retiring at the end of 2018. But the former McLaren driver has also said on several occasions that he would only consider a return on the sole condition that he could have a car capable of offering him a world championship title.


At the moment only three teams on the grid could claim to have a winning car: Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. But in 2021, when the new rules come into force in F1, the situation could well be different and other teams could become favourites.

Driving Ferrari between 2010 and 2014, Fernando Alonso may be tempted to return to his former team to “finish the job”, but the Asturian denies any contact with the Italian team for the time being.

“I didn’t speak with them, but my time with them was very good. “Fernando Alonso told COPE’s Spanish media outlet El Partidazo.

“I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it now. Their commitment to Leclerc for the future is very clear. For 2021, we still have to see who will be competitive and maybe Ferrari will not be among the favourites. We will see. »

Fernando Alonso first wants to finish his Dakar, where he finished tenth overall, then he will head to the 500 miles of Indianapolis with the Andretti team.

Then, the two-time world champion will make a decision this summer about his future in Formula 1.


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