Team boss big concern about F1 crisis

With comprehensive rule changes and new regulations, Formula 1 opens its doors to fans from 2021 – However, some drivers and officials are not completely convinced by the plan of the owners of the Formula 1 and warn of certain dangers.

Racing Point boss Otmar Szafnauer is also worried.

He should actually welcome the new regulations of Formula 1 from the 2021 season on, Szafnauer told “Autosport”, but “my concern is that we simplify the sport so much that we mistakenly believe that anyone can win in any race,” added the Racing Point team boss.


Szafnauer’s biggest concern is the lack of speed that could come with the new regulations. “If we are six seconds slower per lap, it’s no longer Formula 1. And before we know it, we’ll have to slow down the Formula 2 cars,” warned Szafnauer, who supported his argument with a simple calculation.

“In Formula 2, a car costs two million US dollars, but if we are not careful, Formula 2 cars for two million are faster than the cars on which we spend 200 million US dollars. That is simply wrong,” the Romanian complained about the F1 changes for 2021.

Szafnauer’s proposal to improve the regulations looks very simple, at least on paper. The team boss would deliberately keep the budget limit low, but in return give the teams more freedom in the development of new aerodynamic parts: “If everyone has only a small budget available, the smartest wins.

As big as the Racing Point boss’s concerns are, F1 lap times over F2 is currently large. 10 to 15 seconds separated the pole-setters of the two racing series on average in the 2019 season. For instance, Robert Kubica drove his non-competitive Williams many seconds per lap faster than the fastest F2 driver.

That said, when the last 2014 set of regulations came to force, the new hybrid V6’s and aero changes started to push backmarkers such as Caterham F1 very close to F2 times. This made the FIA and FOM (then the current owners) seek out a new set of aero rules that made the cars faster than ever before, smashing lap records from the 2004 / 2005 V10 era – hence we ended up with the wide, high downforce 2017 aero rules. 

As we all know, this has caused further issues for racing close together on track, hence why the 2021 rules are coming into force.

Sounds rather repetitive?



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