Hamilton warns others, plus the Red Bull Honda threat

With just a few months to go before the start of the 2020 Formula 1 season, Lewis Hamilton has already announced the team’ s intentions. Mercedes has never been so strong, according to the six-time World Champion, a warning to the rest of the grid.

The 2020 season promises to be a pivotal one in Formula One. Indeed, it is the last year before the radical changes in regulations that could lead to major upheavals in the hierarchy. Consequently, it will probably be the best opportunity for Lewis Hamilton to clinch a seventh world title and thus equal Michael Schumacher.


Indeed, should Mercedes remain in F1 as a works team in 2021, they must be considered one of the top teams when it’s all change for the rules in that year. And with just a few months to go before the start of next season, Lewis Hamilton is clearly warning his rivals.

“In the team, we’re looking for ways to improve for next year and we’re going to need it, just to keep raising the level, which is not easy with a season like this.

“We’re constantly struggling to find perfection, so our goal is to figure out how to make a better season in 2020, one way or another; we have no idea, we don’t know what obstacles we’re going to face.

“I really think we’ve never been a better team. We’re a more united group than ever, and probably the most focused group. The best prepared,” concludes Hamilton.

Considering other teams for 2020, Hamilton seems to put some focus on Red Bull Honda and their title challenge this season.

“Generally at the end of the year, Red Bull are strong. There are circuits like Brazil where they are strong.

“I don’t know why that is but they don’t start the seasons off as strong as Ferrari or us for example but that can change and you have to expect that that could be the case.” says Hamilton.

Indeed, back in Mexico last year, Hamilton saw Red Bull’s Max Verstappen as an erratic driver and one that should be given a wide berth in wheel to wheel racing. No doubt if Red Bull and Verstappen become the threat Hamilton thinks they could be, he’ll be heeding his own warnings from October 2019. At the time, Hamilton suggested that clashes with Verstappen were almost inevitable unless he was given a wide berth.

“Every driver is slightly different. Some are very smart and aggressive, and some are silly with it,” he said in 2019.

“So through those experiences you give some more space, and with others you don’t have to because they are quite respectful. But with Max it is very likely you are going to come together with him if you don’t give him the extra space.

“I don’t think it was intentional what happened on the first lap, but he’s a magnet for those kind of things.”

One suspects there could be fireworks with Mercedes very early on if Honda continue to power the Red Bull car forward at the current rate of development.


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