Ferrari boss quells negative debate on Binotto

“We have clearly missed our targets,” says Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri on the team’s F1 Championship failure of 2019.

Perhaps in contrast to coaching debates in football, however, the historic Italian racing team does not want to question team boss Mattia Binotto after what must be thought of as another missed opportunity.


“We have to be honest with ourselves and apologise for certain mistakes this year – starting with reliability, through to driving errors or strategy mistakes. The list is long. Nevertheless, I’m more of a person who always sees the glass half full,” the Ferrari boss remains positive and takes pressure off his racing team.

He can see many positive signs, including talent and leadership. After only one year at the top of the team he wants to take Binotto out of the line of fire. The former head of technology alone should not feel the consequences of the disappointing performances.

“Mattia had a great influence on the culture in the entire team, including transparency. This is very encouraging.”

Camilleri says he’s delighted to be able to work together with the Italian and scatters compliments for the 50-year-old saying: “It’s a real pleasure. We see the world from a very similar perspective.”

Although there were difficulties, especially at the beginning of the season, the way in which this was handled was exemplary, according to Camilleri.

“Mattia and I, we’re both aiming for long-term success. You don’t build a team overnight.”


He had repeatedly stressed that the team was still very young. Although there is a lot of experience and talent overall, individual people are new to their responsibilities. “Therefore, we must be patient.”

How refreshingly ‘un-Ferrari’.

He said Ferrari needs stability and composure to grow. “Because if you look at the history of Formula One, you can see one thing from the successful teams, whether they were McLaren, Ferrari or Red Bull and Mercedes: there was always a lot of stability in those teams.”

And that’s what Binotto is focusing on right now to make sure his team performs as a unit. “We are also willing to invest money and we are fortunate that the car division can support this investment not only with people but also with infrastructure.” An example of this is a new simulator.

“All in all, you can say: Yes, we made mistakes. But in my experience, you can learn a lot from mistakes.”






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