Hamilton takes credit for Bottas improvement & Leaked image of Ferrari 2020

Hamilton thinks Bottas took advantage of his racing secrets – Mercedes engineer Riccardo Musconi has moved from the team looking after Lewis Hamilton to Valterri Bottas.

The opportunity to give some racing secrets to Mercedes’ number 2, according to Lewis Hamilton. Respectively 1st and 2nd in the overall standings in 2019, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have achieved the dream season for their team.


If Bottas was able to move up to second place in the overall standings this year and establish Mercedes’ dominance, he may owe it indirectly to Lewis Hamilton.

According to Hamilton, the transition from one of his engineers to the team that takes care of Bottas may have revealed some secrets to the Finn, and thus so would have benefited from the advice of his former engineer.

“He’s a very talented engineer and he naturally wants to progress. Nobody wants to stay in the same position and being the chief engineer must be the goal of every engineer,

“But we had learned a lot and by working together, I had managed to get things out of him that he may not have realised he had, or that would have taken longer, and vice versa.

“So when he came by, inevitably he would have said ‘Valtteri, why don’t you do that, Lewis does that, why don’t you ‘” This year was even harder because I was thinking ‘how am I going to change that ‘, I wanted to change those little things that would have been done the same way without losing performance,”


Ferrari 2020 image leaked?

In other news, Italian newspaper La Gazzetta claimed to have leaked an image of the new 2020 Ferrari car. That said, they do this every year and it isn’t always too accurate, but TJ13 has decided to include the tweeted image as a side note.



The Debut of Jim Clark and Ford-Cosworth

Water colour country. Here the hills
rot like rugs beneath enormous skies
and all day long the shadows of the clouds
stain the paddocks with their running dyes.

Tasmania ~ Vivian Smith


Four entwined exhaust pipes emerged in the wake of the front left wheel, melded themselves into one entity, and purposefully snaked their way along the side of the car. An elongated front nose, adorned with four foil-covered air intake funnels, followed by a curvaceous tail-end further declared the car’s racing heritage.

As the lone front-engine car in a field of more modern machinery, it was like a single scarlet tulip surrounded by a kaleidoscopic array of roses…both beautiful, but the sleek, bulbous lines of the first exquisite. It could have been a Vanwall, but it was red, and no self-respecting Vanwall owner would ever adorn their car in the hated colour of the enemy…… READ MORE ON THIS STORY



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