Ferrari reveal their power advantage from 2019

Scuderia Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto estimates the advantage of the Ferrari engine in terms of horsepower over Ferrari’s rivals during the 2019 season.

This season, Ferrari has been in the news due to its astonishing straight-line speed and its alleged illegal use of fuel flow, the FIA investigated the Ferrari engine but the Italian team was never accused of cheating by the governing body.


The FIA did send out a technical directive to the teams to remind them of the rules, after which Ferrari did seem to lose their straight-line performance, coincidentally? Perhaps…

However, Ferrari’s rivals estimated that the Italian V6 unit had become the most powerful on the grid and had an advantage of at least 50 horsepower, which Mattia Binotto refutes.

“The truth is far from this value, we assume a maximum of 20 horses, which is always a respectable number. ” Mattia Binotto explains to AMUS.

“At a time when engine manufacturers are getting closer and closer, the 20 horsepower is a big advantage, it helps you not only in qualifying, but also in racing. »

“I am proud of this evolution, I still remember the first year of the hybrid era in 2014 when the gap with Mercedes was huge. »

“We have made a huge effort at the Maranello plant to fill this gap and I must say that we have done an excellent job in this area. »

When asked about the difference in power between Ferrari and Mercedes in 2014, Binotto replied: “More than 80 horsepower. »

Regarding the technical guidelines sent by the FIA following the suspicions about the Ferrari engine this year, the Scuderia director said he was satisfied with the work of the FIA, he admits they provide more clarity.

“We are satisfied with it, because there is more clarity in a very complex set of rules. Will they be completely clear? Probably not. I am sure there will be some more directives to come. As a team, we must support the FIA to eliminate any ambiguity in the rules.”



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