Mercedes think McLaren will win races 2020

Toto Wolff believes that McLaren will be able to fight for victories by 2020.

It is expected that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will continue to converge in terms of performance next year. In fact, the gaps between the top team cars have shrunk dramatically over the course of the 2019 season.

McLaren made great progress in 2019 and secured fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship. Carlos Sainz clinched the first podium in more than five years at the Brazilian GP – something that attracted Toto Wolff’s attention.


“We have always taken the view that if we keep the rules, there will be a performance convergence – at least there is a higher chance that this will happen instead of throwing the dice and introducing something new, and I think we saw that,

“McLaren have probably achieved the steepest performance increase of any team, they have caught up massively and in my opinion will soon be there, or close to [the three top teams].

“So, yes, I see the coming season as a much tougher one. I don’t think we’ll see 10 or 12 race wins for one team next year, but of course we’ll do everything we can to eliminate our weaknesses and keep up the good work.”


McLaren’s boss Zak Brown is optimistic, but not to the same level that Toto Wolff appears to be.

“The gap to the top three is still pretty big. Our goal is to close the gap.” says the American.

“I don’t think we can expect miracles from one year to another,” Brown warned.

“If you look at Mercedes, it took them a couple of years, Red Bull, when they came in, it took them a couple of years.

“So I think this is about an upward, forward trajectory. It’s all going to take some time.”





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