Hamilton admits ‘nervous’

A little over a year has passed since Lewis Hamilton hit the headlines with his Superbike test, together with the Lowes brothers Sam and Alex, went out on a Yamaha R1 in Jerez and suffered a rather embarrassing crash.

Lewis says that since the test, he would like to move one step further and try a MotoGP bike. Valentino Rossi has answered his call, and will be testing with Hamilton on his Yamaha M1 Moto GP bike at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia on 9 December.


Not only Hamilton will try his luck on the Spanish circuit: In return, Mercedes also lets Valentino Rossi take the wheel of an F1 car. Marketing and PR heaven for the German manufacturer.

“The test with Valentino Rossi makes me a bit nervous,” confesses Hamilton after the Abu Dhabi GP weekend.

“This bike is incredibly fast, I’m sure it will be great”

Of course, it’s not the first occasion the 9 time World Champion rider will have tried a Formula 1 car out. The Italian has tried out F1 cars in the past, namely at the Mugello circuit and Barcelona track. His last test was some time ago however, around 10 years back in 2010. Rossi tried out in a 2008 Ferrari at Barcelona.

Hamilton says he’s a big MotoGP fan, since visiting the paddock at Le Mans for a race back in 2013, this passion has cemented his love of the sport.



Watch UK British Prime Minister do a pit stop for Red Bull

No more introduction needed….  today Boris Johnson was a guest at the Milton Keynes HQ for Red Bull Racing F1 team.

Some in the UK might say, “Don’t quit your day job”, but in this case it might just be better overall if he did…



Abu Dhabi testing trackside footage

Video footage of Perez tapping Vettel into a spin at Turn 11





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