A simple download coming, & you can compete against Hamilton

Gran Turismo Sport: New Lewis Hamilton DLC – The Polyphony Digital team will release a new update for Gran Turismo Sport on Thursday, along with an F1 DLC (downloadable content) called “Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge” is also on its way.

This will allow drivers to compete against the Formula 1 World Champion’s best times. The update brings cars and a new track into play.


Fans of Gran Turismo Sport can look forward to a new update for the race simulation on Thursday. As with previous updates, the title will be expanded to include some vehicles and a new track.

This is the introduction of Laguna Seca, which was presented and driven during the World Finals in Monaco last weekend. The new cars for Gran Turismo Sport were again indicated as a silhouette on Twitter by Game Director Kazunori Yamauchi.

Among the new additions is the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo, which will offer exceptional performance on the track. In addition to the free update, there will also be a paid DLC this week. With the new “Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge”, drivers can compete on ten different tracks against the best times of this year’s Formula 1 World Champion at Gran Turismo Sport.

As a reward, you can look forward to numerous exclusive prizes as well as an increase in the in-game currency limit.



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