Red Bull sets new world record

After refuelling was banned in Formula 1 in 2010, the duration of the pit stops was drastically reduced.

Since then the teams have been undercutting each other with ever faster pit stops. Red Bull has now entered a new dimension.

It only took 1.82 seconds until Max Verstappen was on his way, and back into the Brazilian Grand Prix. Used tyres were off and the new tyres were fitted in this astonishingly low time. This was the first time a team managed to break the barrier of 1.85 seconds.


The previous record was also held by the Austrians. It stood at 1.88 seconds and was set up in Hockenheim in July.

The team also leads the “DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award”, which has been awarded to the racing team with the highest number of fast pit stops in a season since 2015. Red Bull is unbeatable ahead of Williams and Ferrari.

During the Brazilian Grand Prix, team boss Christian Horner had much praise for his team and Honda but also both his drivers.

“It was a fantastic race, he [Verstappen] was just not going to give up that win today.,” Horner said after the race.

“With the in-lap with the Williams and obviously with the unsafe release that happened he had the benefit of a new set of tyres and he really used them to regain the position, and then controlled the race from there.”

“The guys done a great job today. This sport is all about teamwork and the drivers have done their part. I’m just gutted for Alex.

“I just said to him his time is going to come even though he didn’t get the trophy today, it was a race he could be proud of. It was a race full of previous world champions and the race he had today was fantastic.

“The move he made on Sebastian and how he could race wheel-to-wheel, you could tell he was not intimidated and that is great. His time will come.”

“All credit to Honda, I think the job they’ve done is fantastic.” Horner stated. “You seen before the problems they had coming back into Formula 1, they kept their heads down and kept working.

“It’s great to see both their teams up there on the podium today for the second time this year on a circuit that is power-sensitive, to beat Ferrari and to beat Mercedes, hats off to them.”



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