Beautiful tribute by a small Italian municipality to Ferrari’s Sergio Marchionne

The small municipality of Amatrice paid tribute to the late Sergio Marchionne by renaming an educational centre “Institut Sergio Marchionne” – an honour to the former president of Ferrari, was inaugurated on Wednesday.

Located in central Italy, the municipality, which has a population of only 2500, was seriously affected by the earthquake in the summer of 2016 and was finally rebuilt thanks to the financial support provided by Marchionne and Ferrari.


The former president of the Scuderia had organised an auction to sell the 500th model of the Italian manufacturer’s supercar, “LaFerrari”, and thus raised €6.5 million.

The idea of naming the school centre after the former president of Ferrari was proposed by the dean and teachers as a reminder that Sergio Marchionne was one of the key figures in the construction of the building.

John Elkann, the current president of Ferrari, attended the opening ceremony and insisted that he will continue to collaborate with the municipality through the now Sergio Marchionne Institute and has even pledged to financially support the most deserving students.

This bond was also symbolised by the donation of a Ferrari engine, which is one of the company’s most important icons when it comes to the prancing horse.



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