Kyvat denies the rumour

According to Red Bull, Daniil Kvyat will not be shortlisted for the free spot at Red Bull. Rumours are circulating that the Russian could switch to Alfa Romeo. However, Kvyat denies this.

The question still remains as to who will take the place next to Max Verstappen in the 2020 season. But one thing seems to be clear: Daniil Kvyat will not be included in the shortlist. Now it is believed that the Russian could join forces with Alfa Romeo.


After being kicked out of Red Bull and Formula 1, Kvyat was able to find accommodation with Ferrari. There he mainly did the simulation work before making his comeback this season with Toro Rosso. The 26-year-old is highly appreciated by the Italian team, so a possible relationship with Alfa Romeo is not out of place.

But Kvyat doesn’t want to know about these rumours: “I don’t know anything about the situation at Alfa Romeo. I’m just concentrating on my team.”

And indeed, the ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ reports that the Russian will also be driving at Toro Rosso in 2020. In the Italian newspaper he is quoted as saying: “I’ve heard many different statements, but I’m glad that I’ll still have my place in Formula 1 in 2020. I love Toro Rosso and I’m happy to drive for this team”.



Update on F1 driver line-up & transfer market for 2020

At the moment, there are still five seats left vacant for the 2020 F1 season, and even four if we take into account the latest statements from Helmut Marko, the motorsport advisor at Red Bull, who said that Daniil Kvyat is confirmed internally at Toro Rosso for the next season.

Unofficially, therefore, there would only be four seats left for 2020: One at Toro Rosso, one at Alfa Romeo, one at Williams and one at Red Bull.

Let us know who you might think will fill those seats in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


The F1 driver market in 2020

Ferrari Charles Leclerc Sebastian Vettel
Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Valtteri Bottas
Red Bull Max Verstappen ???
McLaren Carlos Sainz Lando Norris
Racing Point Sergio Perez Lance Stroll
Haas F1 Team Romain Grosjean Kevin Magnussen
Williams ??? George Russell
Alfa Romeo Racing Kimi Raikkonen ???
Renault Daniel Ricciardo Esteban Ocon
Toro Rosso ??? ???



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