Italy: An extra GP for Ferrari? 2 circuits look to host

Could there be two Formula 1 races in Italy again in the future? At least with Imola and Mugello there are two prospects interested in another Italian Grand Prix.

In Monza the contract for the Italian Grand Prix has just been extended to 2024. But that’s not an obstacle, after all, the race at Imola was held as the San Marino Grand Prix until 2006.


From a sporting point of view, there would be no hurdles in Imola. The circuit currently has FIA Grade 1 status, which is required to host Formula 1 races.

In addition, the paddock will also be renewed to be ready for the “challenge” of bringing Formula 1 back, as the track says in a statement. Track manager Uberto Selvatico Estense believes a comeback is possible.

“To achieve this, the full support of the regional and supra-regional institutions is crucial – as is the case in Monza and Mugello,” he explains.

Unlike Imola, Mugello would be a completely new track in the calendar. Formula 1 has never driven there before. “The top priority will be to extend the contract with MotoGP,” track manager Paolo Poli explains to “Ansa”.

Formula 1 would therefore be more of a long-term goal for Mugello. According to Poli, “in five years” we could think about the top class of motorsport.

“This will require partnerships at a national level,” he explains, also referring to Monza. “It should not be forgotten that Mugello – unlike other Italian circuits – is not operated by the state,” says Poli.

The track is owned by Ferrari. These had made “major investments” between 2006 and 2016, explains Poli. So far, however, it has never gone beyond Formula 1 testing. And the competition for Imola and Mugello is great.

In 2020 Formula 1 will have its longest season ever with 22 races. And there is currently no shortage of other interested parties.



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