Schumachers ex-team boss critical of family

After the six years of very little information since the tragic accident on the ski slopes, many fans and ex-colleagues think about Michael Schumachers condition, hoping and praying that his condition improves – but they are still completely in the dark as to how their hero is doing.

“Corinna and the family have so far strictly withheld information about his condition. I think that’s a shame,” said Nick Fry, who worked for Mercedes from 2010 to 2012 together with Michael Schumacher.


The words by Nick Fry published here were from an interview that German TV news agency NTV claimed to have had with the British ex Formula 1 boss.

“There are millions of people out there who are worried about Michael. And that’s not just his fans in Germany or fans of Mercedes. Considering what he has achieved, these people would like to know how he is doing,

“The fans are curious and they feel for him.”

Recent reports in UK newspapers claimed that Schumacher had received special stem cell treatment, targeting his cardiovascular systems, and that his home had been designed to include a ‘special facility’ that would assist the care for the former F1 driver. Apparently, no expense had been spared to enable around the clock care. 

“I am sure that in recent years techniques and therapies have been developed there that could possibly also help other people.” thinks Fry.

“It would be helpful for his family if they could tell how they dealt with this challenge, because there are many people in similar situations who are likely to find it helpful to get these first-hand experiences,”

So why has the family kept quiet all these years about Micheal?

Speaking at a meeting of media professionals back in March 2016, Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm lifted the lid on why updates have been few and far between.

“In general the media have never reported on Michael and Corinna’s private life,” she said.

“When he was in Switzerland, for example, it was clear he was a private individual.

“Once in a long discussion, Michael said to me: ‘You don’t need to call me for the next year, I’m disappearing.’

“I think it was his secret dream to be able to do that some day.

“That’s why now I still want to protect his wishes in that I don’t let anything get out.”


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  2. “The words by Nick Fry published here were from an interview that German TV news agency NTV claimed to have had with the British ex Formula 1 boss”

    Except it wasn’t an “interview” – this is lifted from his new book.

    Basic errors when just copy and pasting from other copy and paste sources soon highlight themselves

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