Red Bull driver lineup 2020 announcement

Dr. Helmut Marko said Red Bull’s driver line-up for 2020 will be announced after the Grand Prix of America.

Currently, there is much speculation about who will be driving alongside Max Verstappen next year. There are rumours that Sebastian Vettel could return to the team, but Marko has rejected them.


“I have no idea where Sebastian Vettel’s future lies,” the Austrian told ‘Speedweek’. “We’ve had some wonderful years, but now we have four drivers. Vettel is not relevant for us”. Marko praised Alex Albon for his quick integration into the team, making him a real option for the 2020 seat.

“He fits well into the team and impressed immediately with his debut in Belgium. He was right there from the first lap.”

However, it is possible that the Red Bull line-up could change again before the start of the 2020 season. “After the GP of America (early November) we will announce who will drive where,” said Marko. So it will be interesting to see who Red Bull will be driving alongside Max Verstappen.

Meanwhile, during last weekends Grand Prix, Verstappen teased the press stating the possibility of the Dutchman switching to Ferrari to replace Sebastian Vettel.

“Charles and I could get along at the same team. We both want to win, but we respect each other. I won’t deny that there could be conflicts, but it wouldn’t be like [Lewis] Hamilton and [Nico] Rosberg at Mercedes.” said Verstappen.




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