A scorcher, and not just the weather

TJ13 regularly publishes it’s reader poll results after each race, unfortunately, this editor (me) hasn’t been particularly good at doing so, hence why the German GP results and the Hungarian race are so late to publish.

As we’re still partially in the summer break leading up to Spa this weekend, seemed like the right time to put these missing articles on the site finally.

The Judge 13




Rate the Race and Driver of the Weekend- Round 11, Hockenheim, Germany 2019.

Mean Reader Score: 9.05 Ranked 1/11 races so far this season.

Well, this season just keeps on getting better. Germany has now usurped Silverstone as the best race of the season so far, scoring 9.05, way better than the 8.12 from last year and the ‘borefest’ of 2016, which scored 5.37.

It’s often said that British people spend too much time talking about the weather, but on this occasion,  it was justified, as the weather really livened things up a bit (a lot, actually).

How so? In a nutshell: On Saturday the temperature plummeted 10oC, allowing Hamilton to break yet another record by taking pole (AND he did it when he was ill- stricken by some virus)  and on Sunday it rained on and off throughout the race, resulting in the front runners making SIX pitstops each ( I think the smallest number of pit stops was four). There were seven retirements;  Hulkenberg almost made his first podium (but he crashed, unfortunately), Stroll was leading the race, followed by Kvyat, Vettel moved up from P20 to P2, Hamilton finished P11 but was promoted to P9 due to 30s penalties being given to both Alfa Romeo drivers for a technical infringement at the start of the race.

Kvyat came in second (congratulations on many counts- he also became a father over the weekend) and, of course, the race was won by none other than our Driver of the weekend.



Driver of the Weekend: Max Verstappen, 36.51% of reader vote:

It was almost a three-way split this race, between our winner, Verstappen, Vettel and Kvyat. But, as in the race itself, Verstappen beat them both.

One win is never enough for Verstappen: having his first win of the season in Austria, Verstappen started this race in P2, and went on to take P1, and his second race of this season. A poor start, losing a place at the beginning of the race, and a spin on Lap 16 didn’t stop him.

He said he will be unable to become the youngest ever F1 WDC this year, due to Mercedes dominance, but he can still do it next year. Will he, though? Meanwhile, He’ll have to ‘make do’ with a GP win and our Driver of the Weekend accolade. Well done Max!!



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