New evidence? Polish media accuses Claire Williams of lying

In a rather unsavoury manner, the Polish media (namely recently accused team principle of Williams of ‘lying’ about differences of specification between Kubica’s car and Russells.

With their headline ‘Claire Williams lied’, the Polish outlet claims that their evidence was plain and apparent by some photographs taken during the British Grand Prix.


“Since the beginning of the season, theories have been put forward that both drivers have different cars at their disposal.” says the website’s author.

“And although the team boss strongly denies it, the watchful eye of the experts shows that it is different.

“During the UK Grand Prix the differences in the front suspension of the cars could be seen.” say the website.

“The Pole was driving an older version of the car, while Russell received a new specification. At the beginning of the season, the difference between the halo system and the halo system was noticed in both drivers. Kubica himself suggested several times that the suspensions of the two cars must differ.” is their conclusion.


The source of the pictures is from a Spanish twitter account who published them last week, it got picked up by the Polish news outlet who wrote the article. Many have speculated the photos were actually taken during Free Practice where teams commonly test new parts, but in fairness to the Polish writer, the Spanish tech account @LuisFeF1 claims that the photos were from the race.

Quite why Williams would say that there is no difference between the young British driver and the returning ‘one armed’ veteran from Poland is anyone’s guess. For the Polish fans, the obvious gap in performance between the drivers must have a logical explanation, whilst failing to acknowledge that Roberts arm and age could well be the difference.


UPDATE 24th July

Both Williams drivers tested new suspension parts on Friday. Russell decided he want to race with it, Robert stayed with older version. 

Credit to on Twitter for the heads up.



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