Alternative team predictions for 2019

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2019 F1 Season Team Tarot Reading

What does the 2019 F1 Season hold for…?

I’m using the Game of Thrones Deck that I used last year




Mercedes:  Two of Swords

On the card, a blinded Arya Stark stands on the Jetty of the House of Black and White, she has two swords in her hands, Needle, her sword and a wooden training sword, crossed over her chest. In the background is The Titan of Braavos, a giant statue that straddles the entrance to the harbour, legend says he will wade out into the sea and destroy anyone who comes to invade Braavos.

This card depicts a denial, on traditional cards a woman is blindfolded and the blindfold also covers her ears. This card is saying, we are not listening to you, we know what we’re doing, we don’t need your advice, LALALALALALALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU. Whatever it is that is niggling at you and you feel you need to ignore because if you acknowledge it, it will make you seem vulnerable. However, deep down you know you need to address it with logic because it is not going to go away and the Titan is not going to come and rescue you because you ignored warnings.

Ferrari: Three of Coins

On the card, is the partially built Sept The Hound was helping Septon Ray and the villagers build.

This is a card of Teamwork, each member has his own specific task to do as well as muck in where needed. This has been your downfall in the past, you seem to be more interested in fighting among yourselves, blaming each other for mistakes, sacking people that actually work well  at what they do, in short, there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians in this team. The clear message here is, work as a team, a well-oiled machine and work together if you want to win, leave the finger pointing and dirty laundry airing to the others.

Red Bull: King of Swords

On the card, the Night King stands in the Fist of the First Men with a long curved sword in his hand.

This King is a man of order, discipline, logic and authority, something that has been lacking over the last few seasons, You need to face up to the fact that airing dirty laundry in public, bitching, whining, blaming others for your problems and crying “Unfair” is not going to help your cause. You need to start being logical and ordered about dealing with your problems, sounding off at the press is not going to help, you need to instil discipline and authority at the top and make sure it works its way down, start by gagging Horner and Marko, these two are the problems serious problems when it comes to discipline.

Renault: The Star

On the card, Sansa Stark lights a candle in the derelict tower,

This is a card of hope, optimism, renewal and peace.

The changes you have made within the team this year have giving you hope and optimism for the future, a fresh start that you need to get to where you need to be, remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn, dawn is breaking now. Pay attention to the cosmos, astrology could have some important news for you this year.

McLaren: The Star

On the card, Sansa Stark lights a candle in the derelict tower.

As I said for Renault, this is a card optimism, renewal, peace and hope and if a team ever needed this card it’s McLaren. Things should start getting better for you now that dawn is breaking after the last few, dark, years. The Star is giving you a chink of light to follow, helping you navigate your way out of the darkness, proper optimism is coming your way after all the false promises of the last few years and if you follow this line the McLaren team will be renewed.

Haas: The Tower

On the card, Summer the Direwolf looks up at the tower that Bran Stark was pushed from by Jaime Lannester.

Oh dear, this is a card of chaos, destruction, shock and questioning beliefs. This is rather worrying because Romain Grosjean got the same card and I can’t help but wonder if it’s connected. This card is saying your world is going to come crashing down around your ears, shaking your foundations to the core, the good news is, your foundations won’t be destroyed because they are solid and thanks to those solid foundations you can rebuild from the chaos

Toro Rosso: Ten of Coins

On the card, a sumptuous wedding feast for Joffrey and Margaery is on display; on the cloth behind are 10 gold coins with the sigil of House Tyrell on them, showing who really paid for it.

This is a card of successful conclusions, on traditional cards it shows a happy family in a sumptuous home with servants, dogs, children playing and three generations in the same home.

This card is saying you’ve worked hard to get where you are now so it’s time to enjoy yourself, do things for pleasure and take time for yourself. It’s well known that you are Red Bull’s B team but it’s time to show that you are an entity of your own, you’ve all worked hard to get the Honda engine into shape so now it’s time to get a bit of what you deserve.

Racing Point: Queen of Coins

On the card is the Queen of Thorns herself, Lady Olenna Tyrell, holding a gold coin.

This Queen is the homely type, loves her family, her home and her garden, a typical earth mother. Coins or Pentacles represent the element of Earth, which in turn represents the material world, money, power, career, home, family and this team is a typical representation of that, family, the Stroll’s Daddy bought the team for his son and Force India needed the cash injection. This Queen is also resourceful, nurturing and protective, so those in charge need to remember this is a family, to be protected at all costs. Nurture the drivers, do everything in your power to make the team flourish, take a leaf out of Olenna’s book and cut people down to size if you need to.

Alfa Romeo: Nine of Swords

On the card, Robb Stark’s Direwolf Grey Wind is locked in a cage at The Twins on the eve of the Red Wedding.

This is a card of nightmare’s, worry and anxiety. This card is saying that you are plagued by worry and doubt, most teams are at the beginning of the year but this is keeping you wake at night. You need to confront your fears, have you done the right thing with your drivers, have you done the right thing having Alpha take a large stake in the team, you did so well last year are you going to be disappointed if you go backwards this year. These things need to be addressed throughout the year and don’t accept wedding invitations from Westeros.

Williams: Six of Swords

On the card, Arya Stark is being rowed to the House of Black and White in Braavos, in the background is the Titan of Braavos, standing guard over the harbour.

This is a welcome card for this team, it represents smoother sailing in calm waters after a rough crossing. Things are looking better for the team after a few turbulent years, things this year will be smooth and calm. In some decks there  is a ghostly figure on the boat, holding the tiller, an unseen hand guiding you, I think this is represented by the Titan of Braavos, who is supposed to wade into the sea with eyes blazing with fire to defend Braavos from attack. The titan will protect you this year.




6 responses to “Alternative team predictions for 2019

  1. well. i’m open to things like conjuring, cards thing and all that ”mystical” manipulations, but this particular layout looks fairly similar to that what so called experts are saying about F1 this year. Somehow the cards fall is very much of that what it looks like in the real life without cards. Too suitable for each team i’d say. Saying this i still believe in magics, hor(r)o(r)scopes, cards predictions, lucky numbers, pre-christian religions of LOTS of Nations and things like that. And i’d be happy to see how your prediction pans out after all. Can we get a resume at the end of the season? I mean comparison of what was predicted and how it did work out? Sincerely Yours

      • great! i do sometimes do(and post) my predictions on f1 and other things triggered by inspiration, it could come by just feeling just great or sometimes when sipping a good wine and then Muse approaches me, i don’t know. but Something is out Here for sure

          • well, apart of other things, regarding F1 my ” greatest achievements” are back in the year then HAM was announced to go to Merc, one fan of his was shouting on Latvian F1 blog that that’s it, HAM will never become the camp and so on and i thought, hold on, once Merc went for him, it’ll be all happy house. Then i said Danny Ric is the real deal when no one believed me(as they didn’t believe when Eddie Jordan said that.) the biggest thing is i think when i replied to Mr. Saward’s post called something like ”end of Sauber” a coupe years ago saying that that is not the the end but new beginning with new people and so on. At that time no1 was talking of takeover, Mr. Vasseur joining and so on. I’m not saying i’m the prophet or something, but some things get myself surprised? why? how?where it comes from? i suppose one has to have an open/creative mind/approach in first place

  2. sorry Master of this blog, we got carried away a bit. But on1 can deny some Mystery surrounding F1 in one way or another

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