Tease explained: Mercedes test livery

Quite often, F1 teams break away from the norm with their liveries when the testing period starts at the beginning of a new season – In fact, TJ13’s source at Red Bull gave us a glimpse of the camo livery weeks ahead of the team reveal back in 2015, perhaps a good reason to follow the blog? 😉

So yesterday evening (UK time), Mercedes Benz revealed their so called new colour scheme for the up and coming W10 2019 challenger.

Revealed was what presumes to be a closeup of a front wing endplate viewed top down, over some asphalt. Of course, the interesting part is the peculiar camouflage livery.

TJ13’s leaked image in January 2015

As mentioned, this is not new. 2015 saw Red Bull produce a black and white livery for testing only. Red Bull also ran a special blue and black livery last year during testing. McLaren’s entered papaya orange colour schemes for winter testing in the past also.

Artist impression of the 2019 test livery in full

So why the strange Mercedes paint scheme?

At the back end of last year, Mercedes revealed their new range of electric vehicles with the tag line ‘Switch to EQ’. The hope for the new product range is that Mercedes will be able to compete with other manufacturers EV (electric vehicle) models such as the Jaguar iPace and Tesla Model X.

As you can see with the below image, the tease from Mercedes looks very similar to the camouflage used on the company’s test car for their latest EV project – Mercedes-Benz EQC.

The irony obviously being that the Mercedes F1 team will be promoting the pure EV class of product, set to eventually take over from fossil fuelled vehicles. The even more interesting part of the story is the new Mercedes Formula E team started this new season of the all electric racing series.

Perhaps F1 will go all electric sooner rather than later then?

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