Vettel invites Hamilton for Donuts


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Vettel encourages Hamilton to do donuts in Abu Dhabi

Some might say that the German is simply demonstrating the exact method of how he lost the Drivers Championship.

But perhaps actually the ‘show’ is becoming more and more important now the American owners Liberty Media have got involved. Certainly donuts have become a bit of a tradition in Abu Dhabi since it starting holding the last race of the season, but the fact that Liberty controlled official social media accounts are actively broadcasting the act, despite the likelihood of FIA financial penalties to the drivers performing them, equates to promotion of ‘razzmatazz’.


Charles getting suited & booted yesterday in Abu Dhabi



Lewis: 2019 Aero weak spots identified

“On Friday, sitting just talking to a couple of individuals who are not usually here but are up-to-date with next year’s car, we sit and have this in-depth conversation and it’s inspiring,” Hamilton said.

“They are so smart, incredibly intelligent and they think on a completely different wavelength to the normal person.

“For next year’s car, I have an idea where the weak spot will be with these new rule changes, as do they.”


The best view of Alonso doing donuts. Farewell, legend

“[It is just about] working closely, communication and we’re all of us constantly working so closely together, really elevating each other and I think this year, if you look at the team’s performance on the race weekend, that our mechanics, our engineers, strategists, we’ve all raised our game.”

“I’m confident; as long as Mercedes don’t change their approach, don’t change their desire to win,” he said. “Some teams decide to veer off and do some other business venture and lose a bit of focus on the main ultimate goal.

“As long as they don’t do that, I believe that we’ll be able to stay on this path and continue to fight at the top.

“But Ferrari has been doing an amazing job this year so we cannot take anything for granted, we’ve got to keep the hammer down, keep pushing as they will be.”


Sainz feeling “extremely good” after first day with McLaren

“We’re opening a new chapter with a great result,” he said after on Sunday evening.


“I’m going to McLaren with a great feeling, saying thanks to Renault after all this year-and-a-half, with full motivation and fully recharged.”

“When I finally completed my first run I felt extremely good, and I must say it’s been a very straightforward day.

“The team has made me feel at home from lap one and from day one yesterday when I started working with them.

“I did a lot of laps today and I’m grateful to the team for giving me such a reliable car to be able to initiate me in this new chapter and new style of car.”

“From the first lap to the 150th lap, I enjoyed them all; the feeling was good and we’ve been able to end the season in the best way possible.”


Vettel still prefers Red Bull

“As soon as I got out of the box I felt comfortable in the car.

“Of course, there are always going to be details to improve and new things to adapt to, like the seat and the driving style, but from the first lap I could spend time adapting and getting to know all the new controls and procedures. It’s been great.

“It’s been an intense few days after the race finished here in Abu Dhabi, learning a lot of names and understanding how the car works.

“I’m looking forward to spending more time back at the factory over the winter getting to know the team better and preparing as much as we can for 2019.”


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