Arrogant Verstappen dictates his own punishment & gives payback to Ocon

There are many who would liken the young Dutch hotshot to a world champion elect, and certainly he behaves as someone who is entitled to respect on and off the track.


But is young Max Verstappen simply arrogant little sh£t?

When Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon clashed again in the sixth round of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, many were holding their breath. The duel saw both young drivers with ‘previous’ clashing on track yet again, this time less disastrous as the impact in Brazil.

It was fairly obvious that there was some sort of payback being dished out to Ocon.


Onboard with Ocon against Verstappen Brazil 2018

As it turned out, the FIA stewards didn’t deem it worthy enough of their attention, but perhaps the FIA might want to reconsider things after Max’s admissions on Servus TV, an Austrian station with links to Red Bull.

The Red Bull driver obviously felt comfortable spelling out his thoughts on the TV in Austria, no doubt fuelled by the grievances of Brazil.

One race earlier, the Dutchman was sentenced to two days of FIA community service for shoving Frenchman Ocon, following their scrap in Brazil.


Verstappen lost the grand prix win because back-marker Ocon tried to overtake him, so when they were wheel-to-wheel again in Abu Dhabi, they clashed wheels.

The FIA’s community service punishment, a little like giving a school pupil lines perhaps, has yet to be decided or made public. It seems that even Max is being kept in the dark about the specifics, admitting that all he knows is that the two days service must be completed within six months.


Clearly aggrieved, he states that “I do not think it’s fair that I got the two days.”

“I do not have a problem with supporting kids karting or anything like that, I like to go there for a day, but I’m sure I will not mow lawns or pick up trash”

Obviously, it’s unlikely the FIA would mandate such unworthy punishments like roadside trash collecting on the young boy, but Verstappen does demand that “it has to be something relevant” – Perhaps the FIA should send him trash picking after all? Road rage is a serious offence.

What would maybe entice the FIA to knock the youngster down a peg or two with a punishment worthy enough, would come from the admissions made on the same Servus TV interview where Verstappen freely admits that he wanted revenge, and it felt good when they touched, hoping Ocon would spin out. Something the powers that be frown upon greatly. 

“I thought to myself ‘If he [Ocon] shuts the door, I’ll push him off the track’. It may have been revenge for Brazil,

“I liked it. It felt good,” he then admitted.

Some fans of the youngster would be collectively clapping their hands at such statements, claiming it’s very ‘Schumacher’ or ‘Senna’ like. Of course the difference between those drivers and our little hot shot from the Netherlands is that they had success to back it up by, no matter how unpalatable the offences were.

With Honda coming in next year at Red Bull, 2017 – 2018 might well be the best we’ll see of Verstappen in terms of on track performances, and if that were to happen lets see how much respect Max gets next time he throws his toys out of the pram.

That being said, should the Honda package come good, then maybe we’ll all be saying that what we might see as arrogance now is simply aggressive confidence, worthy of a multiple race winner and soon to be World Champion.

Only time will tell.




Red Bull: “We expect the title for 2019”



20 responses to “Arrogant Verstappen dictates his own punishment & gives payback to Ocon

  1. Interesting article. He certainly comes across as arrogant and (IMO) was taken aback in Brazil when Hamilton didn’t back him up when he thought Ocon should have got out of his way. ‘You had more to lose’ was Hamilton’s reply. (The response Verstappen gave after colliding with Vettel earlier in the seadon). Perhaps Max thinks others should just get out of his way regardless. As you said in the article others had results to back up their attitude. Six wins doesn’t really cut it, does it? Time will tell if we’ve seen the best of Max or if the best is yet to come. Either way he needs some kind of anger managment help, for his own wellbeing if nothing else (IMO).

  2. Max recieved two days punishment for pushing Ocon. It wasn’t a fullblown fistfight.

    Sebastian Vettel’s (Baku 2017*) actions on Lewis were far more despicable!
    He got mad at Lewis and showed a bizarre example of road rage: Banging his car into Lewis.
    The FIA should have condemned that action, but the German got away with no punishment at al!

    To me it seems that the FIA has some homework to do…


    • No punishment at all is not true. He got a 10 sec stop and go penalty during the race, which is the most severe penalty you can get during a race except for the Black flag. Was this penalty harsh enough? That’s debatable. But saying he got no penalty is just plain wrong.

      • selective memory eh, Vettel was a little lucky that race to see Hamilton suffer with an issue putting him back also, hence why some cannot recall the Vettel penalty perhaps

  3. His attitude is a real downer, as he is undoubtedly a very good driver and had a lot of potential when he first burst onto the scene. Was he given too much too soon? Should he have made a (good) reputation for himself in the lower formulae? Was it fair on him ( or the other drivers) to allow him to make such devastating errors in F1? Hmmmm…….I wonder

  4. What a complete load of old tosh! I think it’s great to see a driver showing a bit of passion and emotion rather than all of the other boring autumatons toeing the corporate line. Surely it’s got to be more entertaining seeing that than watching someone like Bottas stood on the podium sulking with a face like a slapped ar*e.

  5. This is what I want to see, you cannot get to the top of F-1 without talent and without the attitude required to to win…if there is a gap, he should go for it! Or do we want to see Bottas style drivers to lighten up F-1?

    • Funnily enough the dutch army did not react like this when Vettel went for a gap in suzuka. They only react this way if it’s max who drives in to someone.

    • fully endorse personality in F1, and the article doesn’t say that Max hasn’t got any, he does and it must be commended – that said it must also be pointed out that his path is looking incredibly similar to his father’s, apart from some podiums and wins

      • You must be joking. How does it look similar? Jos was crushed by Schumacher (albeit wieg inferior material probably) and never recovered from that. Apart from a couple of standout races he suffered from cars breaking down and his far from stellar qualification performances.
        Max is still on the rise after 4 years of F1, and the undisputed number 1 driver of one of the top teams. Jos never achieved that.
        Yes, Jos is a hothead, but that never showed on circuit.

        Furthermore, i think you are exaggerating Max arrogance. Max is a likable guy with some sharp comments now and then but how some take offence at it is a bit awkward.

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  7. Why is it, that confidence and awareness of (your) sheer talent is so often mistaken for arrogance? I think it has to do with incompetence, jealousy and naivety. But then again, i could be wrong of course.

  8. Calling yourself “The Judge” and the way you write your articles about Verstappen shows your far more arrogant and “haughty” then Max wil ever be!

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