The best view of Alonso doing donuts. Farewell, legend


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An alternative view of Alonso’s donuts

Shot by McLaren mechanic Lee Mathurin from the pit wall, we see a great view of Fernando Alonso’s farewell donuts along the start / finish straight with Vettel and Hamilton.


Hartley speaks out over Toro Rosso F1 exit

“I left the [Yas Marina] circuit on Sunday with my head held high,” said Hartley in a post on Twitter. “I’m very proud of my story and my journey so far but I’m left feeling I have unfinished business in F1. For the moment, that has been put on hold.

“I’ve hit speed bumps before and I am a strong believer that tough situations make you stronger. It also helps that I have a great NZ [New Zealand] support crew, friends, family and wife.

“I also want to thank my trainer Rich and almost all of the 500 strong Toro Rosso staff who I have stood beside and have enjoyed working with this season, all of the engineering team, the mechanics, marketing, PR, logistics, hospitality crew, factory staff and of course all at Honda Racing.

“I really do appreciate the support I have received from fans across the globe this year, I still have plenty more pages to write in my story and I will make the most of the opportunity’s [sic] in the next chapter.”




Lando Norris completes McLaren’s ‘first day’ of 2019 as new sponsor signed


“I think this was the most laps I’ve ever done in a day, so it was good.” Norris wearily said afterwards. “I got through a lot of the things I needed to, such as longer runs – which I haven’t done much of so far – so considering all that, I don’t feel too bad. I haven’t really felt the degradation of the tyres before, so that was one of the biggest things I wanted to get through.”

McLaren have signed smartphone manufacturer OnePlus as a sponsorship partner.


Brexit could hit British-based F1 teams and European races, say McLaren

Jonathan Neale, the chief operating officer at McLaren, has warned the result of a no-deal Brexit may put the ability of teams to stage Formula One meetings at risk.

“The key issues will be border efficiency for both parts and people and administrative costs,” said Neale. “McLaren F1 takes 40 tons and 100 people and we pop up at an event every two weeks around the globe in 20 countries and five continents, through a variety of customs borders, to put the show on the road. Currently there are well-trodden paths in how we manage customs and borders in order to move seamlessly.

“One of the things we are doing is working with F1, HMRC and our logistic providers like FedEx and DHL and try to anticipate [and] lobby, to make sure that we continue to work efficiently … that the administrative cost and the burden don’t make that a cumbersome process which would put risk into the ability to deliver the show.”



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