Alonso: “Returning to F1 in 2020 is a possibility”



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Alonso: “Returning to F1 in 2020 is a possibility”

“I’m trying to close the calendar. At the moment I have three WEC races and one in Indy. There are going to be a couple more challenges aside from those. I still can not say anything. Maybe at Christmas, ” revealed Alonso.


“Maybe,” he replied when asked about the possibility of running Daytona 24hrs 2019. “There are a couple of mythical places that I want to add to the calendar. I do not think I have any outstanding accounts [with Daytona], it’s one of those races that is a real challenge. It has many attractions. ”

“Another possibility is to continue in the WEC next year. I need to finish the calendar and see what is most appropriate. I have to see how and where I use my free time, ” he added.

On a full season of Indycar: “17 races in the United States are too many with all the trips and everything I would have to learn in terms of circuits, mechanisms.”

“I have to recharge the batteries next year. I do not think in 2019, but in 2020 another possibility is to do the IndyCar season, a full-time return to F1 or in other categories, ”


Yesterday at the Macau GP

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Shocking slo-mo footage: Injuries to drivers & trackside staff – Macau GP following horror crash


Abu Dhabi will be Hartley’s last F1 race – Gallagher


Formula 1 commentator Mark Gallagher has admitted that he believes the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be Brendon Hartley’s last F1 race for the “foreseeable future”.

“I think unfortunately it will be his last race in Formula One for the foreseeable future,” Gallagher told RadioLIVE’s Sunday Sport.

“I say that from picking up on a few things from talks with people connected in the paddock following the way this season has developed for him. I think it is really important to say Brendon deserved this opportunity to drive in Formula One and he has tried so hard to make the most of it.”

“The facts of how the season has gone really stack against him, and that is why there is this feeling that he won’t be part of the Toro Rosso team next year.

“That is just a feeling – no one has confirmed this, but I am sure he knows his fate and I believe both him and the Red Bull management already know the answer.

“It’s only small margins so it will be a tough moment for him if he is not on the grid next season.”

“He has been outscored by his teammate Pierre Gasly quite comprehensively,” the former Jordan F1 team member continued.

“Four points for Brendon plays 29 for Pierre, who has been promoted to the senior team next year and that is quite a huge differential in performance.

“Brendon has had some bad luck and some reliability issues but he has also had a few poor performances and everything is kind of stacked against him right now.”


Brendon Leigh And Mercedes Crowned 2018 F1 Esports Series Champions

Brendon Leigh retains his F1 Esports crown as he becomes the drivers’ world champion of the 2018 F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series.


Mercedes won the championship with Toro Rosso and Sauber in second and third respectfully. McLaren Shadow’s strong result in Abu Dhabi pushed them up to fourth overall, beating Hype Energy eForce India by two points. Red Bull dropped down to sixth ahead of Williams Esports.


Haas F1 Esports Team took eighth place and the last of the prize money paying positions as Renault Sport Team Vitalty ended the season last and with no prize money.


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