Kimi tells us what he really thinks of Abu Dhabi


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Kimi explains his thoughts on BBC Top Gear

Brawn contradicts Red Bull’s 2019 prediction

“Once again we saw in Brazil that when the performance level of two cars are more or less the same, then overtaking is almost impossible,” said Brawn.

“That raises the question as to how to make it easier to make a move on the car in front.

“During 2018, we have made significant progress in defining next year’s technical regulations, especially regarding the key area that is the front wing and in the last few weeks, we have worked out the fine details.

“Our simulation work and from what the teams with which we have worked closely on this tell us, the effects are tangible, even though we are well aware that the real proof will only come next March in the Australian Grand Prix.”

“The changes introduced are a first important step, but not necessarily an exhaustive one, towards defining the new technical and sporting regulations that will shape the long-term future of Formula 1,” he said.

“It’s a foretaste of what we are defining for 2021 and we are pleased with what we have already achieved for 2019, but clearly we have high hopes, even in the short term.

“This year, Formula 1 produced some really exciting racing, I’m thinking immediately of Baku, Shanghai, Silverstone and Mexico City and there is every sign that there will be more of the same next year.”

Red Bull claim: we’ve already beaten next year restrictions


Lewis Hamilton’s clarification on his statement about India


Daniel Ricciardo explains leaving Red Bull for Renault as he expects 2018 bad luck to ‘dissolve’

“After 2018 the bad luck is just going to dissolve. I think the bad luck will stay in 2018.” says Ricciardo

“I think before I had this run of misfortune, I was already looking and tempted to move on and have something different,” he explained. “Honestly I think whether I had a run of good races, or whether it had been a run like what I had, I don’t think it would actually change my feeling about where I’m going next year.”


“I’m certainly excited for a change and for a new challenge,” he added.

“I guess part of me is, as excited as I am to try and [finish with] a good result, I’m also just excited to get the year finished and then start fresh with a new team next year.”


Renault Sport Racing F1 is ready to move up to the big kids table

Team president Jerome Stoll likes team’s chances of competing with Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull in 2019.


“Wait a little bit. We’re going to be on the podium again soon,”

“It takes some time because we know for all teams it took five to six years to go on the podium. When you look at Mercedes, it took five years; Red Bull as well. Ferrari did not win a championship for the last 10 years — they are racing, they are fighting, but they have not won a championship.”

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