Big danger that Mercedes will drop the ball in Brazil

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Mexican GP – How did I do last time?

I think everyone knew that Lewis was going to win the WDC in Mexico, so I’ll chalk that up as a win.

Astrologically speaking, with the moon moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn, there is going to be a calm and controlling feeling in the paddock this weekend. Two major planets have moved signs this week, Uranus, the planet of revolution, anarchy has retrograded back into Aries for a few months this can us becoming unpredictable, disruptive and having an urge for independence, and seeking change, this could see the FIA tightening their reigns.

Jupiter moves into its own sign of Sagittarius this means a year of optimism, luck and a change of wild exaggeration, so look out for a lot of posturing during Pre Season Testing.



What can we expect to see in the Brazilian Grand Prix?


Mood for the weekend – Four of Swords

What to look out for – Ten of Coins

Outcome – Strength


Mood for the weekend: Four of Swords

On the card, we see the body of a soldier laying at rest and being attended by one of the Silent Sisters, a order is ‘Nun’s’, for the want of a better description, who are in service of The Stranger, a deity of the Seven. They prepare the dead for burial.

The suit of Swords represents the element of air, as well as logic, communication and challenges.

Traditionally this card represents a need for rest, recuperation, contemplation and reflection.


I think this card is saying, it’s all done now, it’s time to reflect on what went wrong and how to come back stronger next year. It’s time to let go of this season and concentrate on next, contemplate on how you can learn from this year’s mistakes and learn from them.


What to look out for: Ten of Coins

On the card, a table is ladened with food for the wedding feast of King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell. Ten coins bearing the sigil of the House of Tyrell decorates the backdrop to the table, which shows who really paid for the wedding.

The suit of Coins represents the element of earth, which is turn shows us this suit also represents, career, family, money, home, garden, the material things in life.

This card show us that all your hard work will start to pay dividends, all the money and prestige you worked hard for will make you comfortable, the love you have for family will blossom and you will live in comfort and love for the rest of your days.


That says it all really, the big three don’t have to worry any more, they’ve made the top three in the championship and the money is secure. However, the positions in the championship are still up for grabs and from positions four to ten are also being hotly contested, there is all still to play for.


Outcome: Strength

On the card, Brienne of Tarth gazes into space. In her hand is her sword, Oathkeeper.

This is a Major Arcana card; this means that this card and its answer is very important in the reading.

The image on this card in traditional decks is a woman subduing a lion with a pat on the head rather than brute strength, this card is saying you don’t need that brute strength at this time; you need a more gentle strength to get you through this weekend. You don’t need to roar at the world any more, you need to take things easier from now on.



This reading has a feeling of, relax, it’s all over, take it easy and forget all about the competition. Of course, only the drivers’ championship has been finalized and it’s all still to play for in the constructors.

Personally, I’m thinking this is a warning to all the teams not to take their eye off the ball, just because Lewis is champion, Mercedes and Lewis had better not let their guard down, as we’ve seen in the past, and let Ferrari build up the deficit of points they need to win the Constructors Championship.


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