Suzuka paddock roundup: Alonso buys Indycar…


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Businessman Alonso

What is Fernando Alonso doing in 2019? Still there are no concrete statements of the Spaniard. From his native country is to be heard, Alonso has secured the TV rights for the Spanish market in the IndyCar series. Should it really pull the double world champion into the US racing series, he can cash in his home country.

Marko not with Buemi

Sebastien Buemi was assigned by F1 management to drive prominent guests around the Suzuka circuit with the Aston Martin DBS. One of the passengers in the 725 hp bullet was to be his boss Helmut Marko. The Red Bull man declined with thanks: “I do not have to put myself through that.” Why not good Doctor? Marko laughs: “It would be technically difficult if I drive the Buemi.”

Formula 1 boring

Romain Grosjean finds the current Formula 1 boring. “As a young person, I would not look at her. Because she is so predictable. Who will win the race? Hamilton or Vettel. Who is still on the podium? Bottas or Kimi. Who is behind it? The Red Bull. We have not driven a meter in Suzuka and already know the answers to these three questions. The difference between the top three teams and us is two seconds. Are Lewis and Seb two seconds faster than us? I do not think so.”

Good team spirit at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton defended the stable management from Russia before the GP Japan. The world champion does not believe that the race casts a shadow over a possible title win. “I hardly ever drive. But I accept other opinions. “The team spirit is still in tact. “I was in the factory on Monday after the race. We go through this experience together. The team spirit is fantastic. “

Espionage at Ferrari?

Ferrari race director Maurizio Arrivabene suspects technology espionage. “It can not be that technical details of our battery are told in public.” Arrivabene suspected the FIA. In fact, the leak was somewhere else. The former Ferrari engine boss Lorenzo Sassi and technical director James Allison had defected to Mercedes and told the new employer.

All papers submitted

HaasF1 submitted all the papers for trial before the FIA ​​World Court on November 1 on Monday before the GP Japan. It is about the disqualification at the GP Italy because of a non-compliant underbody. Team Principal Guenther Steiner: “Our lawyers have done a good job. It’s hard to judge what our chances are. But we also have it in our own hands to overtake Renault on the track before 1 November. “

Special helmet for dad

Since drivers are only allowed to choose a special helmet design once a year. Charles Leclerc dedicated his special motive to his deceased father this year in a race earlier this season. Next year, he wants to honor the 2014 in Suzuka seriously injured Jules Bianchi. “He was part of our family.”

Joy about failure

Fernando Alonso drove for the last time in Suzuka. What was his best moment? “By far my victory in 2006. It was the greatest pleasure to see the red car stop.” This refers to the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher, who remained with engine damage. For Alonso it was balancing justice. Two races before he was stranded in Monza, and the Ferrari fans cheered euphorically.

Flight Community

Seven drivers have chartered a private jet to fly from Sochi via Moscow to Tokyo. Aboard the Global 5000: Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo, Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen, Sergio Perez and Marcus Ericsson.

Hartley or Albon?

Who drives the second Toro Rosso next to Daniil Kvyat? Motorsport boss Helmut Marko is covered: “We still have time.” The decision is between Brendon Hartley and Alexander Albon fall. Albon was once in the Red Bull funding program, has been dropped in the meantime but again. The 22-year-old Englishman with Thai roots is currently in second place in the Formula 2 Championship. He is the only driver who can still challenge George Russell’s title.


Ricciardo at the limit

Daniel Ricciardo drove on Thursday as part of the Pirelli Hot Laps including Johnny Herbert for the track. On slippery surfaces the Australian would almost have crashed in the 725 hp Aston Martin DBS. “I had a tough moment in the Degner curve. That’s when I scared myself the most. “

Qualifying format in the discussion

Formula 1 discusses a change in the quality format. Rightsholders and FIA are considering extending the existing three sections by a fourth part. Sebastian Vettel scoffs: “And in ten years time there will be Q9 and Q10. We should not artificially stretch the conversation, but rather go back to the basics. The qualifying should take an hour like before. It should be about making the perfect lap at this time. “Lewis Hamilton says,” Everything is better than the format we currently have. “

Alonso’s best Suzuka round

Although Fernando Alonso was only 18th on the grid, he can not help attracting attention. “That was one of my best Suzuka rounds,” tweeted the Spaniard. “Look at her. I left neither a corner of the curve entrance nor the corner exit one centimeter. “

Beep leads Ocon astray

Force India is still angry about the starting penalty for Ocon. The Frenchman had to return three places because he drove too fast under the red flag . “Completely correct,” admitted team manager Andy Stevenson. “Usually you get five places. But since the speeding was not reckless, they have turned a blind eye. “It was only 1.68 km / h. Ocon had already reduced his speed when he heard a beep on the radio. He misinterpreted that, that he should accelerate again. “We need to make the beeps more distinguishable in the future, so it’s clear whether the driver should drive faster or slower,” Stevenson says.

Zak Brown: clock stolen

McLaren boss Zak Brown was visibly angry. “They stole a shirt and an expensive Richard Mille watch from the hotel room.” That’s unusual for Japan. In the land of the rising sun, you can usually leave your valuables lying around openly.

Villeneuve calls for Magnussen’s penalty

Jacques Villeneuve has a clear opinion on the penalties in Formula 1 . They are either superfluous or too low. In any case disproportionate. Max Verstappen earned a penalty higher than 5 seconds because he destroyed Kimi Raikkonen’s race , the Canadian says. But most of all, Villeneuve sets out on Kevin Magnussen. The HaasF1 driver had just left Charles Leclerc in front of the car on the home stretch. It came to a collision. Magnussen suffered a puncture on the left, Leclerc’s Sauber needed a new nose. “That was criminal,” said Villeneuve. “And Magnussen does it again and again. Nobody stops him. That’s dirty driving. Magnussen has not earned a license. “

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