BMW didn’t fight to keep Vettel as Kubica consistently 0.4secs quicker


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2007 Kubica seriously quick, when BMW didn’t think too much of Vettel

More ammunition for the Kubica brigade today, this time from Motorsport Magazine podcast from 2015 season preview, where the pundits reminisce over BMW Sauber allowing a slower than Kubica, Sebastian Vettel go to Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso in 2008.

In case you missed yesterday’s Daily News and Comment, our friend ‘smokin, coffee shop’ Joe Saward predicts a probable Williams 2019 driver line up of young Mercedes prodigy George Russell and Robert Kubica.


Vettel warned not to repeat controversial move on Hamilton

“The rule about two moves is traditionally about making a move one way and then making a second move the other way,” said FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

“I think everyone felt that that was what was generally understood by the rule, but I must say that when I first saw the incident in the race in Russia I thought the same: he [Vettel] has moved twice when I saw it from Lewis’ onboard.

“But when you look at it from track cameras and a forward shot when they are coming towards you, it is much less clear: that it looks like one move with a hesitation.

“It doesn’t look like two distinct moves, which is why the stewards did not feel that they could justify a penalty.”

Whiting added: “What I did clarify to them is that if a driver does two moves in the same direction, that is the same as doing one in either direction.

“So if Seb had gone once, looked and then gone again very, very clearly I think that would be equally bad as making a move in either direction.”


Spoon Curve: Formula 1 vs Porsche Carrera Cup


Mercedes are just 3 1-2 finishes away from matching McLaren’s total


F1 drops plans for potential 2019 points changes

Formula 1 will not alter its points system for the 2019 season, Race Director Charlie Whiting has confirmed.

“It’s being discussed,” said Whiting. “It’s not like a 2021 rule, it’s something that if everyone had agreed to, then we would look at introducing it immediately, or 2019 anyway.

“But there wasn’t agreement on that.”

“There aren’t any secrets there,” he said. “We’ve discussed it with the teams quite a few times. Nothing substantial I would say

“They [the final decisions] took a little longer than expected.

“There was a lot of iterations needed because there were little areas that needed further clarification, teams kept asking us about what if we do this, what if we do that, and so on.

“I think it’s a fairly satisfactory process that we went through, and hopefully they’ll be clear now. So as I say, that’s 2019, that’s all done.”

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