Imola returns to F1 in 2020?


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Imola wants to host the 2020 European GP are reporting serious interest about bringing F1 back to the Imola circuit to run alongside the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Imola was a circuit with many technical fast-flowing corners but poor for overtaking, since it lacked a long straight after 1994. However, since the last GP they have removed the final chicane, which means that the run-up from the Rivazza double-left all the way to Tamburello is now flat-out and effectively a long straight. This should be a good overtaking spot, and DRS helps too.

“The Grand Prix of Monza is off-limits and nobody has ever intended to do change it” explains the vice-premier Luigi Di Maio on the Saturday at Monza, “how nice it would be to see Imola run again, the beautiful track, the Gp of Europe?”


‘Trump Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To The World,’ Bernie Ecclestone Says

Nico Rosberg: “You’re a fan of Trump, for example, in that sense as well? He’s a bit of a dictator, and he gets stuff done, in your words, right? ”

“Trump is the best thing that’s happened to the world in the last few years,” Ecclestone responds.

“The best thing?” Rosberg asks.

“He’s woken everybody up,” Ecclestone tells us. “You know he’s done things, if there was a board (which there should be in America I suppose), would never do what he’s done.”

“What’s the best two things he’s done so far?” Rosberg asks again.

“I don’t think there’s anything really wrong,” Ecclestone replies.

“Well the best thing he’s done so far, which he’s manage to implement and get the job done?” Rosberg presses.

“Well he’s sorted people out, people coming into his country that shouldn’t be there,” Ecclestone says. “And saying, ‘this shouldn’t happen to other countries.’”

“You think that’s the best message, thing he’s done?” Rosberg responds.

“One of the best things, yeah,” Ecclestone says


Alonso pleased with IndyCar Barber test

“Yeah, it was a good day, a fun day,” Alonso said. “I love to test new cars and to test the IndyCar on a road course is something special. I’ve been lucky enough to test it in wet conditions, in intermediate conditions and in dry conditions, so overall I had a good feeling on every type of track.

“The weather was good for us today – a little bit of wind in the afternoon but overall a positive day.”


Raikkonen ‘has already been told Ferrari fate’

Reports in Italian media say that Kimi Raikkonen has already been told that he will not be retained by Ferrari for another season.

Sky Italia adds that a meeting had been scheduled at the team’s headquarters for Thursday at which the news will be formally announced to the media.

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