Spa Penalties: Bottas test ‘spec-3’ PU for Hamilton


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Bottas rumoured to use spec-3 engine in Spa

The ‘Wingman’ may be called upon by Mercedes and lead driver Lewis Hamilton in Spa if the Italian press are to be believed.

Should Bottas use the upgraded Power Unit in Spa, the Finn will receive grid penalties for doing so. The rationale from Mercedes is that of a good circuit to test on, but also one that can enable a fight back through the field as there are multiple passing spots. Further, Bottas has a looming penalty when he took his last Power Unit at the British Grand Prix, effectively guaranteeing that he is out of the title fight already.

Roberto Chinchero from Italian claims that this is a very likely outcome and that it is likely that Hamilton will then take his spec-3 PU in Monza, along with both Ferrari’s following suit.


Force India in danger of not racing in Spa

The Force India Formula 1 team could miss out at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix unless the team’s legal status is clarified.

Legal details mean the sale of Force India was completed as an “asset sale” basis, rather than a “going concern”. This means that the squad must now race as an entirely fresh entity.

The FIA is understood to be assessing the legal entanglements of the situation before FP1.


TJ13 Comment – Today we saw Force India employees removing the team’s logos from their trucks in apparent anticipation of a last minute name change.



‘Soft’ budget cap finalised for 2019 – Ross Brawn

Brawn has revealed that a “soft” budget cap will be introduced in 2019 before being stepped up for the 2020 season.

“the void between those three teams [Mercedes, Ferrari & Red Bull] and the rest of the field is too big. There are two divisions in Formula 1, and we want to stop that.

“We want to introduce constraints on the amount of resource you can use. And doing that involves both an economic perspective and a technical perspective.”


Will Buxton Is Writing a Book Asking Racing Legends About Their Greatest Defeats

Jeff Gordon, Dario Franchitti, Sebastien Loeb, Mario Andretti and more, asking them to recount their biggest failures in unflinching detail.

“The premise of the book, which is titled My Greatest Defeat, is asking them to explore the moment they hit rock bottom,” Buxton told Road & Track.

“It could be in racing, or their personal lives, and it was fascinating to sit in front of these legends and have them embrace something we’re only coming to accept today, which is it’s okay for men to struggle, to not be alright, and to confront the fact that you can get to these incredibly low places.”

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