The ‘unknown Kimi’ reveals all

In the wake of the news this weekend that we may actually see Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen stay with the team for another year (again), it’s interesting news to see that the secretive Finn is releasing a biography claiming to reveal more about the ‘unknown Kimi’.

TJ13 revealed some time ago that Sauber’s Charles Leclerc had signed a preliminary 2 year contract with Ferrari for 2019, replacing the ageing Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen. Indeed it is also understood at the time that Kimi was seriously considering retirement during the winter.

With the sad and unexpected death of Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari’s CEO and biggest supporter of Leclerc, it seems that such plans have been put on the back-burner for now. TJ13 understands from within Ferrari that in an effort to keep the team as stable as possible, Kimi will be retained at least for another year.

The rumour had also been reported in the Spanish media over the weekend. Obviously his past performances over the course of 2018 has helped the decision with an enviable string of podiums for the Finnish driver.

Perhaps also Ferrari have studied Sauber’s Charles Leclerc more closely, and questioned Marchionne’s preference to promote the youngster up to the most prestigious race seat in F1. TJ13 contributor @cavallinorampantef1 today has analysed the performances of Leclerc against the other fresh talent in Formula which makes for an interesting read.

Meanwhile, the ever secretive Kimi Raikkonen has announced the launch of a biography, the title hints that the real Kimi ‘Iceman’ Raikkonen can be discovered inside. He has commissioned the Finnish author Kari Hotakainen for the project.

Kimi Raikkonen announced it himself, on Instagram: “My story so far”, available in Finnish and Swedish on August 16, 2018. Other languages ​​will follow soon after. Kimi-Matias Räikkönen, 38 years old, says he wants to tell his version of the story, how he made it from a simple life, to a Formula 1 driver for Ferrari.

The author Kari Hotakainen is a big name in Finland: His books have been translated into more than twenty languages, the 61 year old father of two is known for his ironic and satirical  writing style.

Hotakainen turned from a journalist to a book author, first with poems, then with children’s books, and finally with novels. The Helsinki-based Hotakainen is extremely versatile, he also works as a dramatist for television or as a writer of radio plays.

He has been working freelance for 22 years and received numerous awards in Finland, including the Finlandia Prize, the highest award for literature in his country.

“The unknown Kimi Raikkonen” is a very appropriate title – Kimi is well known for being extremely private, to the point where the F1 fanbase were very surprised to see Kimi start an Instagram account having been encouraged to do so by his wife Minttu Virtanen.

It is clear that his new wife’s influences are again at work with this new book coming out.

Raikkonen is known to frustrate the media by his monotonic replies to questions, never giving much away. But for some reason the driver is amongst the best loved drivers in the paddock, supported by a fervent set of fans who adore his behaviour (for some reason).

Plenty of Finnish publishers have wanted to do a book about Räikkönen,  but until now, the driver hasn’t been interested. But the author of the book, Kari Hotakainen, was persistent enough to make it happen.

It is said that both Räikkönen and Hotakainen share the same dry sense of humor, which gives this book it’s appeal. It’s the first book project for the race car driver and the first nonfiction book for Hotakainen.

What is obvious however is that most Formula 1 fans will await the publication of the book eagerly, as we will perhaps finally learn more about the private life of Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

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