Jacques: Max is over-rated, child like, lacks respect & education

Verstappen completed a weekend in Canada without incident, finished on the podium and beat his team mate, earning him much praise from team boss Christian Horner.

“Max had an absolutely clean race weekend. He was fast in every session, did well in the race, and it’s great for his confidence that he has landed on the podium again. I hope it will continue like this. ” says the Red Bull boss.

Rent a quote specialist and former F1 Champion Jacques Villeneuve was less than impressed with the boy wonder, claiming that the outburst from the Dutchman explaining how he’d ‘head-butt’ someone if they kept asking questions during the driver presser in Canada, wasn’t really on.

“The journalist’s role is to report facts, even if Verstappen answered the question a hundred times,” says the Canadian former Champ.

“The responsibility of the driver is to answer – if the question is justified. But Verstappen had no right to take offense and react in that way.

“You need to be aware of your mistakes in order to progress, and he has not done that. Instead he showed a lack of respect and education.

“In some ways he is still a child. He was dragged out of the cradle and put into a car. That’s probably why he is not at  Ricciardo’s level and even looks bad.

“If Red Bull considers him to be the future, he must beat his teammate. In the meantime, the opposite is true. He is overrated.”

8 responses to “Jacques: Max is over-rated, child like, lacks respect & education

  1. Maybe Jacques should check Wikipedia what sarcasm is? Even a ‘child’ like Max can understand the subtlety of the concept, so it shouldn’t be too hard for Jacques…..

  2. Villeneuve biggest problem is his surname, he shares it with a legendary figure and because of that his views are vilified as not worthy.

    But if you look back over his career, not for his driving but his comments you’ll see a voice of somebody who has always expressed himself with reason.

    When the FIA announced the introduction of grooved tyres and narrower cars for 1998, after a test in a modified Williams, Villeneuve was a lone voice against the changes.

    His rationale was that the cars would be faster due to the smaller frontal area yet the grip would be diminished due to there being less rubber in contact with ground. This would lead to bigger accidents because the mechanical grip from the tyres wouldn’t be there.

    Of course Mosley made certain that the World Champions view was blasted by the partisan media and so started the free fall.

    I listen to everything the man says and yes admittedly he plays a caricature at times but within his comments is a truth that many people aren’t willing to hear.

    Nobody took exception to him describing Stroll as unworthy yet despite others suggesting Max is all of the things stated above, people are critical of Jacques… go figure

    • of course, many might argue that it’s refreshing to hear a young driver not being too scared to express himself, even if it is a threat to assault a journo!

      • Of course Max is merely following in his fathers footsteps. Although his father tended to assault the fairer sex!!

  3. Max did what his team asked him to. Nothing more, nothing less. The race: yawn.
    I appreciate mistakes, I like character, I like passion. If we filled the field with Bottases, racing wouldn’t become better.

    Villeneuve: another character. An butthole, but a character.

  4. i’ve liked seeing Jaques racing in F1. He always went for it. If you tought you can’t break any later he tried, becauze he wanted to pass te man in front of him, More then once this ended in tears for Jaques.
    But even then Jaques stood in front of the press expressing his opinion. No pr talk but hus opinion.

    Max does the same when he’s racing. He has done this more often with succes then faillure, but he’s being discibed by Jaques as somebody ho’s not worthy to race in F1.

    The headbutt respons is nothing more then a sign that he had enough off this question, not even within miles of being seriously of actualy doing it. This is the media blowing things out of proportion every single thing Max does.

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