Monaco: Hartley lets Verstappen by exactly like Ocon let Hamilton by

Martin Brundle has led the outcry over an ugly, “blatant” moment where Force India’s Ocon, himself a Mercedes junior, allowed Lewis Hamilton by during the Monaco GP last weekend.

Brundle declared he is not proud of the incident where Ocon weakly moved his Force India aside to allow Hamilton to pass after he pitted for softer and faster tires after just 12 laps at the Monaco Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver came out in sixth place, behind Ocon. But Hamilton quickly passed the Frenchman to move into fifth behind teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Brundle wrote in a column for, claims it’s a bad look for the sport that Hamilton was so brazenly able to benefit from an alliance between Mercedes and Force India. Many have agreed with this view point.

But yet there were other incidents of this occurring down the field, most notable being Toro Rosso’s Brendan Hartley allowing Max Verstappen to pass easily during the race.

Some fans suggest that helping your teammate is one thing, but helping another team is not really sporting. Others think that doing this, particularly around Monaco, isn’t a bad thing.

Tifosi are particularly sensitive when it comes to their historical use of team and extra-team orders, pointing out that Magnussen in the Haas did not let Vettel through in Barcelona this year, holding him up considerably, but still get the finger pointed at them for team orders and ‘collusion’ between customer teams. Yet the press infrequently call out Red Bull and Mercedes who seem to have agreements with their B-Team and Customer Team respectively.

An interesting topic for the Jury to discuss I feel.


5 responses to “Monaco: Hartley lets Verstappen by exactly like Ocon let Hamilton by

  1. One big difference…….STR is the sister team of RBR.
    OCON Leth Ham pass because he’s a Mercedes junior. Don’t know if FI is so happy with that move.
    OCON only races PER.

    • There should not be a difference.
      Three is supposed to be 10 independent teams.
      There are significant penalties for technical collusion, there should be the same for tactical collusion on track.

  2. Ocon would lose the spot when he pits. Letting Ham by means Ocon doesn’t have to defend a position he will lose, and he doesn’t have to worry about Ham pulling an iffy pass. I expect it saves Ocon time over the race duration to let Ham by.
    Think bigger picture.

  3. Well toto wolf admitted the other day that Ocon was told to let Hamilton past. Hartley, that’s a bit different, he is driving a car owned by red bull.

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